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How can the physical, technological and human resources help

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Edwina Efejuku

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of How can the physical, technological and human resources help

How can the physical, technological and human resources help to improve Tesco' s performance?
In this presntation we will be focusing on how the physical, technological and human resources affects Tesco's performance.
What is Human Resources?
Human resources, also known as HR is the carrying out of a strategy to drive innovation, productivity and share price through mobilizing the workforce towards excellence.
 As companies reorganize to gain competitive edge, human resources plays a key role in helping companies deal with a fast-changing competitive environment and the greater demand for quality employees.
 In Tesco’s , they are very committed to paying their staff a wage and giving resources that the employees need; this leads to employees valuing their jobs more and would make them work more for their salary. The company will benefit in the terms of the standards will be met and efficiency will be high.
 When offering employees staff discount, this can be very productive and incentive as they will feel more valued. This will lead to staff wanting to work harder and meet their targets. Tesco, as a company, will benefit in this because there will be high efficiency and he business will run smoother.
 By training the staff, this will make the employees better trained and more skilled at their jobs. This will lead to staff being more aware about what they do and how to do their jobs properly. This increases reputation in the business world and there will be more profit

What Is Technological Resources? Part I
Technological resources are what you need to get a job done. Technological resources are such things as software, designs, music or text.
What Is Technological Resources? Part II
Shopping online is becoming even more popular because it is easy for people who can not get out of the house or just don’t have the time will get there shopping delivered strait to their door. With the growth of online shopping, comes a wealth of new market footprint coverage opportunities for stores that can appropriately cater to offshore market demands and service requirements. The benefits are their customers can buy their products online with out having to leave they hose and it can make the customers life more easer when it comes to shopping.

Thank you for Listening~
Epos is electronic point of sale with allows Self-contained, computerized equipment that performs all tasks of a store checkout counter. It allows payments by bank or credit cards, verifies transactions, provides sales reports, coordinates inventory data, and performs several other services normally provided by employees. The company will benefit from this because it will help them be able to keep control of there stock, It can also save you money and it will save you time.
Self serves will make it easer for customers and it will save wages and will use less staff. It will also reduces the amount of wages the company will have to pay out to there staff. This could lead to the company having more money from not paying there staff to do it. The company will benefit from this because it will save them money from not paying staff and they can put the money to something else with in the company.

The broccoli cam consists of a series of cameras housed in the ceiling and focused on the store’s produce area. The cameras are linked to a system that monitors the inventory levels of broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts and lost of other vegetables. It helps the staff know staff know when they have to go fill up the baskets for the vegetables. The benefit of this that it will alert staff when the trays will have to be rifled and it will save staff a lot of hassle to going to check the baskets when they could look on a camera.

Scan a you shop are potable barcode scanners which allows you to can a product and it put it on the devices and when you have finished shopping you can take it to the self check out and all you have to do is pay for it and it also shows how much you are spending. The benefits of this that It will save shoppers a lot of time going to the tills and having to check out and it also benefits shoppers because it will help them keep track on how much they are spending because some people could shop on a budget.

Location - Tesco’s locate their store near where either people live or shop which means more customers will come in and do there shop. The location will encourage more customers to shop in Tesco’s as it might be nearer to them than any other major supermarket. The company will benefit in terms of more customers in a busier store

What is Physical Resources?
Buildings - If all of Tesco's buildings are up-to-date it attracts more customers to come in and buy there product which will lead to the company getting more sales/profit. This benefits Tesco’s as no customer wants to shop in a store that does not look modern.

Most Tesco stores design there buildings for all numerous types of customers. For example customers in a wheel chair or customers with push chairs have either a lift or a flat escalator to carry on there shopping with no obstacles.
This includes car parks which has plenty mobility for all customers which is easy accessed for anyone with children or disabilities. This will put a good name on for Tesco’s which will lead to more sales and a better reputation. This benefits Tesco's as it’s a easier access for all customers

Air conditioning in Tesco's keep the whole store at a easy temperature. Either to warm up the room temperature in the winter or cool down the store in the summer as no customer wants to shop in a overheated/cold store. This benefits tesco’s as it makes the customers more comfertable

Physical resources are known to be the resources made by man through his abilities and skill. The technology , buildings, and many more products that are made by man are an example of physical resources.
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