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The Gas Industry

No description

megan giglietta

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of The Gas Industry

The Gas/Oil Industry
megan- Corporation: BP
British Petroleum-Beyond Petroleum:
A provider that participates in the exploration and production, refining, distribution and marketing of oil and natural gas.
Corporation: Shell
Economic Responsibility
Shell is a prosperous
company worth a total net worth of 14 billion
The energy Shell supplies helps support economic growth & development

ashley- Corporation: MacEWEN
-Any disputes regarding the program, or in any way arising out of the program, shall be summited to the courts of Ontario whose courts have exclusive jurisdiction to hear such disputes.

- In every 46 locations across Ontario and Quebec you will find very friendly and knowledgeable staff
- The MacEWEN store has a variety of things. It has a selection of gasoline, coffee, sandwiches, junk food/snacks, groceries and etc.
- MacEWENS provides a very clean environment and it is their job to make sure the customers are satisfied
- It is mandatory for employees to take a comprehensive training program that is designed to meet customer service promise to each of their customers

sam- Corporation: Petro-Canada
Economic: As of 2008 Petro Canada had 4,514 employee's. Petro Canada has merged with Suncor Energy INC to create the premier Canadian energy company. Both companies have leading environmental and social responsibility practices.

Ethical: Both companies share the same set of values, such as their commitment to the community, the safety of their workers and by being environmentally responsible. In 2003, Petro developed principals for Responsible Investment and Operations. When Petro operates around the world, they invest and conduct operations in a manner that is economically rewarding to everyone. Petro is recognized by operating in an ethically, socially and communities.

Legal: Petro Canada follows regulations and code of conducts to follow the legal requirements. Petro is committed to being loyal to the company and its employee's. Petro sets high standards for ethical conduct. Petro follows “ The Code of Business” is what implies the rules and standards which maintains the confidence in the company.
CSR Strategies Companies Use
Megan, Emma, Samantha and Ashley
BP Corporate Social Responsibility
What is BP doing to meet its economic responsibility?
“BP is working to enhance safety and risk management, grow value and build trust. We believe we have a positive role to play in shaping the long-term future of energy.” -BP company
BP operates in 80+ countries with an estimate of 85,900 employees. This generates jobs for locals and provides them with an income to help support themselves and the community.

BP donates money to arts programs such as Royal Opera House, National Portrait Gallery and the British Museum

Community programmes, infrastructure and health support that promote local economic development.

After the BP oil rig explosion in 2010 the economy took a drastic fall. BP then tried to help restore the community, and aid a clean up to help the seafood industry and tourism.

Spent $90.6 million on direct community programs worldwide in 2013
What is BP doing to meet its legal responsibility?
BP was held liable for the oil spill
Pleaded guilty to 14 criminal charges and paid $4billion in fines and penalties.
Took responsibility to the safety regulations they violated.
Establishing better safety procedures when drilling for oil.
Have eliminated their methods where they "cut corners" to save money
following their code of conduct before making decisions.
What is BP doing to meet its ethical responsibility?
"delivering energy to the world"
"We’re putting in place strong foundations to make BP a safer, more trusted and more valuable company. As part of this process, we have five values that express our shared understanding of what we believe, how we aim to behave and what we aspire to be as an organization." -BP
One Team
Placing a value system within their workplace
Helping improve the future by educating our generations
Making safety of workers and the world top priorities
Changing their ways to create a more sustainable company
Taking responsibilities for their faults unlike majority of Oil industries that have caused damage
Earning back the trust of the public
What is BP doing to meet its discretionary responsibility?
After the well known deep water horizon oil spill in the gulf of Mexico - which killed and injured workers, and harmed the surrounding community- BP gave a $20billion fund to compensate the people affected by the oil spill. BP participates in a great deal of volunteer work from building schools in Angola to helping build irrigation systems. From helping ill children to the visually impaired BP has done volunteer and charity work for a wide range of things. Taking a look within their own company BP has surpassed their responsibilities by investigating their methods and mistakes, taking the blame for their faults and providing the public with more than just fuel. They have created a new image for themselves by labeling their company "Beyond Petroleum" and gaining back value and trust from consumers by all their actions.
Financial transparency
"BP works with governments, non-governmental organizations and international agencies to improve transparency in revenue flows from oil and gas activities in resource-rich countries" -BP

Total taxes to governments 2008-2012:
19,689 10,309 12,071 16,339 15,033

of which UK:
3,140 1,297 1,946 1,040 1,106
($ million)

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Oil Rig Explosion
200mil. gallons of crude oil
Type of CSR
BP can be viewed as a company who uses accomadative strategies. The participate in CSRs and reports and publicly release them. They provide their staff with benefits and a safe environment that is open to change and improvement. BP participates in a number of volunteer works and continues to follow the rules and create procedures that best benefit their company, employees and the earth.
Legal Responsibility:
With extraction of oil comes many legal standards & qualifications that need to met in order to be able to safely and legally process the oil. Shell meets and exceeds any legal standards that must be met in terms of the environment aspect of the law.
Ethical Responsibility
Shell is trying its hardest to preserve i
ts natural resources through its preservation of oil rigs and its surrounding wildlife, for example any surrounding sources of water. Oil spills are extremely common and detrimental problems that most oil companies face, Shell addresses them head-on, and meets and exceeds any standards that are set for its company through CSR.

Discretionary Responsibility:
With Shells discretionary income, it participates in many extracurricular charities and opportunities for its community.

i.e: Shell offers scholarships to neighbors in Aboriginal communities, as well as tuition grants, discounted meal plans and it offers 8 management and leadership courses

They participate in many local charities such as United Way and a charity named the Community Service Fund.
Petro Canada is viewed as an Accomodative company. Petro Canada participates in some initiatives like Petro Points. When someone buys gas at Petro, you get get bonus points, and when you get 1000+ points, Petro donates them to support Canadian Olympics and Paralymipc Sports. Petro follows there legal requirements to remain a top provider.
MacEWENS is viewed as an obstructionist due to the fact that they have not been socially responsible about one of their oil incidents that have occurred in the past. For example: they covered up one of their oil spills that they had and did not take action about it.
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