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Our High School

No description

Tadanori Kimura

on 31 March 2013

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Transcript of Our High School

Shukutoku Sugamo High School 94 years ago, one Buddhist monk founded our high school.
It was a girls' school and famous for career education.
We changed the name of the school to Shukutoku Sugamo High school in 1985, or 28 years ago.
We permitted boys to enter our school in 1992, or 21 years ago.
We rebuilt our school building 10 years ago, so it is still very clean and it has relatively new equipment. Our School History Club Activities Sports Cultural Aerobics
Rhythmic Gymnastics
Soft tennis
Table tennis
Tennis Basketball
Track & Field
Baseball English
Flower arrangement & Tea ceremony
Classical Guitar
Brass band
Koto music Creative culture
Computer Our Building We have a basement(B1), a rooftop garden(3F),a rooftop(8F)
Students can use elevators to go up and down.
There is a Cozy cafeteria, a Dance Room, a Large Gym, The 2nd Gym, a Dojo, many Vending Machines, a Comfortable Lounge with microwave called Lumbini hall, Two Music Rooms, a Computer Room, an Audio Visual Room, a Japanese style room as shown below. Our Events Freshman Camp (for 10th graders, 2 stays)
Volleyball Tournament
School Trip for Australia
Shool Festival
Sports Day
A lot of Guidances to enter popular universities
Study Camp (Study more than 10 hours a day!)
Buddhist Events (anniversary of the Buddha's birth & death etc) Our New School Uniform For Winter For Summer Cool & Pretty
Light & Comfortable
Smart & Neat
Just Started last year Our Motto Okagesama His nickname is Okage~ The spirit to thank for anything you can get Others We also have Junior High School.
There are many young teachers. The average age of ours is about 36 years old.
Bathrooms are very clean, bright and comfortable. We have Washlets (1F & 2F).
We have a questionnaire system of teachers. The students evaluates the teachers. Do you want to try them on ? Kan On Hou Shi
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