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Inquiry Based Lessons

No description

Jane Chen

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Inquiry Based Lessons

Inquiry Based Lessons
Today's Objectives
1. Create inquiry based lessons that are relevant, rigorous, and connected to our units.
Today's Agenda
1. Review/Introduce 3 Act Math

Resources for 3 Act Math
Dan Meyer's Blog

Explanation of 3 Act Math

Another site with explanation & more examples of 3 Act Math
2. Understand the standards in each unit.
3. Plan day-t0-day lessons for the current and next unit.
2. Look at an Example 3 Act Math
3. Create a 3 Act Math (1 hour)
4. Resources and Things to Know for planning
5. Plan our lessons for current unit and next unit
6. Lunch (12:00 - 1:00)
7. Continue planning your lessons for current unit and next unit

8. Debrief in Staff Room at 2:15
What is 3 Act Math?
Examples from a real class
Miss Chen’s parents have a leaky roof at their place. They ask her to go up and see what the problem is. Unfortunately, Miss Chen does not have a long enough ladder to reach the roof, and she doesn't want to spend too much money to buy one. What's the shortest length ladder she could buy to get onto her parents' roof?
Act 1: The Problem
How are you going to solve this problem?
The height of the house is 24 feet.
24 ft
4 ft
25 ft
Planning Your Lessons
Be sure to look at Scope and Sequence Chart and standards description.
Backwards map from there
Problem of the Month:
http://www.svmimac.org/problemsofthemonth problemsofthemonth.html
MARS Tasks:
Act 2: Your Turn
Act 3:
What information do you need to solve this problem? Why do you need this?
Home Depot is having a sale on 40 ft ladders. Miss Chen decides that the 40 ft ladder is a better buy than the 25 ft one, so she buys it. With this new ladder, how far away should she place the base of the ladder if she wants the top to just touch the roof?
6th Grade Units:
2. Fractions & Decimals
3. Ratios
4. Rate
5. Expressions
6. Equations and Inequalities
7. Putting Mathematics to Work
8. Statistics
9. Geometry
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