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Betsey Johnson

No description

Sydney Ward

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson
Pictures from Betsey Johnson's online store
All About Betsey
More Pictures from the online store
Betsey Johnson is known for being crazy, in a good way. In her early work she used shower curtains, interior linings of cars, and the wool from the old Yankee's uniforms as fabric. She is known for incorporating bright colors, puffy sleeves, low waists, and deep necklines into her works. Betsey's work helped to shape society in the 60's when her work became part of the Youthquake movement in London which gave teenagers the chance to run the music and fashion scene. This helped shape society by showing teenagers that they can be themselves no matter what. In the 70's Betsey had to alter her plans of designing for the youth of the world when all her customers were more interested in "dress-for-work" clothes, she had to begin designing children's and maternity clothes when the company she owned at the time, Alley Cat, went out of business. She got her inspiration back in 1978 when punk started in London.
From reading Betsey Johnson's biography I learned that thinking outside of the box and being weird isn't a bad thing. If Betsey hadn't of made clothes out of shower curtains would we even know who she was today? Taking this away from the biography will inspire me to stop trying so hard to be normal and to bring on the weird.
H- Betsey knew she wanted to accomplish a fun quirky new way for the youth to dress.
Betsey Johnson was born on August 10, 1954 in Wethersfield, Connecticut. As a child Betsey was very talented at art. She trained in dance and was inspired by the wonderful costumes she had to wear in the performances. Betsey graduated high-school and went on to the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, after only a year spent at this school she transferred to Syracuse University and graduated from here in 1964.
Biography Continued
After college Betsey entered and won Mademoiselle magazine's Guest Editor contest, she then got a job with the magazine's art department. After working with Mademoiselle magazine for a year, Betsey got a job as a designer at Paraphernalia, a clothing boutique. Betsey's background influenced her as she was put into dance classes which inspired her to want to design, and by her work with Paraphernalia which is where she developed her unique style.
Social, Cultural and Ethnic Background
Betsey's ethnic background of being an American influenced her choices in many ways, her education, the use of the Yankee's uniforms in her designs, and the people she was able to work with as they were in America as well. Her social and cultural backgrounds influenced her in many ways as well, the most important is the Youthquake movement that came about because of herself, Mary Quant. and Andy Warhol.
U- Betsey found her way around the barrier of her first company closing down by continuing to design.
N- Betsey worked with artist, Andy Warhol, designer, Mary Quant, and ex-model Chantal Bacon who was Betsey's partner in opening their own store when Betsey became inspired again.
T- After graduating college Betsey took the first step and entered the contest with Madimosals magazine.
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Betsey Johnson
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