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Gotta Dance Academy

No description

Alex Parpart

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Gotta Dance Academy

School Motto "Where Learning Is Art." Costuming Gotta Dance Academy Terms In this class you learn ballet terms such as positions and moves. You will have to make several posters and projects diplaying what you have learned. Extra Classes Ballet Class In ballet class you will work on discipline and ballet technique. You will also be taught choreography which will be put into a performance. Students are taught in ballet shoes and if they have enough ankle strength they will work in point shoes. Teachers Ms. Julia Calnen Principal Ms. Lindsey Bolas In this class you learn about how to make costumes and you also make costumes for performances. You will have to make a total of 3 costumes for various performances throughout the year. Acting In this class you work on acting and performance skills. Over the year you will work on several plays. This class also works with musical theater. This class is a variety. You will have the choice between learning contemporary, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and tap. The acting teacher. Also teaches Ballet class. Ms. Alex Parpart The Extra class teacher. Mary Cianciolo Teaches ballet terminology. Classroom Rules and Expectations. We expect the best behavior by our students.
When a teacher is instructing you must be silent.
You must raise your hand if you have a question or an answer.
We do not allow students to be late unless they have a pass.
Students must be passing in all classes to be able to participate in performances and any extra activity. To be accepted into Gotta Dance Academy you must have a GPA of 3.5.
You must also have a talent of fashion, dance, or acting at a level in which a professional believes is advanced. The average amount that is required to pay each year is $10,000. Scholarships are given to the most gifted students. There are also basic academic classes that you are required to pass to be allowed to participate in dance programing.
The subjects taught are Science, Math, History/Geography, English and Health.
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