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Puerto Rico

No description

Sarah Siglin

on 28 July 2013

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Transcript of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico What was our relationship with Puerto Rico? Puerto Rico is a commonwealth to America. What is the history of American interaction with Puerto Rico leading up to the time of imperialism? Commonweath: a self-governing territory associated with the U.S. The U.S. and Puerto Rican leaders
talked with eachother about the Spanish
being in Puerto Rico. The leaders gave the
U.S. information about the Spanish. After trying
to push the Spanish away from Puerto Rico, the
U.S. got together with Spanish Leaders and
made a treaty that involved the Spanish retreating
and Puerto Rico being left for the U.S. Were there elements of manifest destiny Were there elements of manifest destiny, Anglo-Saxonism or yellow journalism? There were elements of manifest destiny because we practically took over Puerto Rico. We allowed them to have their own civil government but they are still a part of the U.S. and Puerto Ricans are U.S, citizens now. What benefits did the U.S. gain from acquiring Puerto Rico? The U.S. got control of another place and we got access to Puerto Rico's resources. What did Puerto Rico gain from becoming a part of America? ~They aren't under Spanish rule anymore.
~They are "taken care of".
~Even though they still have to listen to the U.S., they have their own independence.
~Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens. What are the negative consequences of being a part of America? Puerto Ricans can't vote for a president if they live in Puerto Rico.
Even though they have independence from the U.S. (Example: They have their own flag and Olympic team), they still have to listen to the U.S. Government. If you were alive at the time, as an American citizen,
would you advocate for the U.S. to expand into Puerto Rico? ??? Thank you for listening and watching our presentation! PUERTO RICO
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