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OSG Corporate Profile

Full Version - 2012.12.20

Christina Leung

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of OSG Corporate Profile


Tool Communication
Research & Development
Human Resource Development
Global Network

End Mills
Rolling Dies
Business Domains
Mold & Die
Global Technical Support
Sales Office
What does OSG offer you?
OSG in Brief
Aichi, Japan-based OSG Corporation is one of the world’s leading comprehensive cutting tool manufacturers.

OSG holds the No. 1 position in the Japanese cutting tool market as well as a top-ranking position globally, with a production, sales and technical network spanning 25 countries.
OSG is our company name and trademark:

” stands for OSAWA, our founder

” stands for SCREW

” stands for GRINDING

OSG symbolizes our specialization in cutting and machine tools.
Company Timeline
1938: Hideo Osawa founded Osawa Screw Grinding Co., Ltd.
1963: Established OSG Corporation in Japan
1968: Established OSG Tap & Die, Inc. in USA
1997: Established OSG Europe in Belgium
1974: Established OSG Sulamericana de Ferramentas in Brazil
2013: 75th Anniversary
To OSG, there is a close link between tools and communication. Not only is active two-way communication with customers an essential part of our product development, it is also vital when we assist them in the selection and application of tools, and provide after-sales service.

Thus, communication is key to the success of our operations and to our commitment to develop ever-better products.
OSG’s ability to develop internationally competitive products is backed by a dynamic commitment to research and development at all levels from basic to applied research.

Our main research and development facilities are the Global Technology Center and the R&D Center, both located in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
In addition to R&D, OSG is also actively involved in long-term basic research projects in collaboration with universities and government research organizations.

To continually enhance this research and development capacity, OSG has made human resource development a key priority, and provide extensive training for local employees at overseas production sites.
OSG has built a structure capable of supplying products reliably and efficiently to global markets.

Our production sites in 13 countries all manufacture high-quality products under our own quality assurance systems.
North America Headquarters
Illinois, USA
South America Headquarters
Paulista, Brazil
Europe Headquarters
Wavre-Nord, Belgium
OSG International Headquarters
Aichi, Japan
Taps are used to cut screw threads on the internal surfaces of holes, creating the “female” half (nut) of the screw. High precision is of vital importance, particularly in areas such as automotive engines, which require precision screws.

OSG offers a lineup of taps with diameters in various sizes and with specifications suitable for a wide variety of uses.

OSG has the top market share for taps in the world.
Drills are used to make holes in a wide range of surfaces.

OSG has received high acclaim for the development of high-precision, high-value-added products for its use in automotive and aircraft part manufacture, which demands advanced processing techniques and zero margin of error.
End mills are used to cut and contour molds for plastic parts, which include electric home appliances, die-casting dies for automotive parts and stamping molds.
Indexable tools are used to shape metal molds and machine parts.

While end mills are used for finishing, indexable tools are intended for rough cutting and contouring, and use disposable inserts attached to the tool body.
Thread rolling dies are used to copy threads onto “male” screws (bolts); the process consists of rolling a metal bar between two thread rolling dies tightly pressed to each side.

OSG manufactures cylindrical and flat rolling dies for screws, worms and serrations, thread rolling planetary dies and counter-flow rolling dies, in accordance with their intended use.
OSG’s regrinding division uses original OSG manufacturing drawings for all regrinding processes.
OSG has traditionally maintained a powerful marketing presence in manufacturing industries including automotive, aerospace and mold & die.

OSG also supplies products to energy-related industries including the shipbuilding industry, construction equipment industry, as well as to the manufacturers of precision equipment, such as medical devices.
OSG not only supplies powerful cutting tools toward 5C processing components for the automotive industry, but also provides tailored application solutions to facilitate better processing with higher efficiency and longer durability.

Common Materials
• Cast Iron
• Aluminum
• Forged Steel
• Alloy Steel
The aerospace industry's mission is to manufacture more environmentally progressive, longer-range and faster aircrafts that require lower operating costs. OSG's cutting tools share the same mission.

Common Materials
• Aluminum
• Titanium
• Ni-Alloys
• Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP)
With the introduction of 5 axis machines and the increasing demand for more complicated molds, speed is the key success factor in the mold & die industry. OSG's end mills supply speed with size variations and unrivaled quality.

Common Materials
• Cobalt-Chrome
• Hardened Steel
• Stainless Steel
OSG’s cutting tools are able to achieve high precision and accuracy in the machining of titanium alloy, cobalt-chrome and stainless steel, all of which are common materials used in the processing of medical equipment components.

Common Materials
• Exotic Materials
• Cobalt-Chrome
• Stainless Steel
• Titanium
OSG offers large diameter taps for low carbon steel, a material commonly used in the energy industry. To meet our customers’ ever-changing demand, OSG has developed a spectrum of products designated for various materials and sizes to help users achieve the best possible cost-efficiency.

Common Materials
• Cast Iron
• Alloy Steel
• Ni-Alloys
• Stainless Steel
In order to enhance our capacity to offer total solutions, OSG has created a Global Support Team to serve major users in specific industries, and an Application Engineering Team specializing in technologies for particular industries.
OSG has a global network of 59 business offices in 25 countries, which provides our production sites with accurate feedback about user needs so that they can quickly design, develop, manufacture and deliver products that precisely meets those needs.

All of our production and sales facilities are optimally located to serve our markets.
• High quality products

• Advanced technology

• National and global manufacturing

• Personalized sales and technical support

• Environmental friendly products and processes

• Satisfied customers
OSG International

OSG Corporation
3-22 Honnogahara, Toyokawa-City,
Aichi 442-8543, JAPAN
TEL : (81) 533-82-1118 FAX : (81) 533-82-1136
North America

OSG Tap & Die, Inc.
676 East Fullerton Avenue,
Glendale Heights, IL, 60139, USA
TEL : (1) 800-837-2223 FAX : (1) 800-837-3334
South America Headquarters

OSG Sulamericana de Ferramentas Ltda.
R.Raul Rodrigues de Siqueira 767
Braganca.Paulista,SP, BRAZIL CEP 12919-484
TEL : (55) 11-4481-7800 FAX : (55) 11-4481-7831
Europe Headquarters

OSG Europe S.A./OSG Belgium s.a.n.v.
Avenue Lavoisier 1, B-1300 Z.I.
Wavre-Nord, BELGIUM
TEL : (32) 10-230511 FAX : (32) 10-230531
To meet today’s demanding requirements (smaller size, lower weight and reduced cost), OSG has developed many carbide end mills that are excellent in both processing accuracy and durability.
We also adhere to the OSG quality control manual and use the same inspection equipment used by our manufacturing division during the inspection procedures.
For processing large diameter threads
Tailored to tackle exotic materials
Ball mill for high speed hard milling
Router for finishing CFRP
3-flute drill for extreme performance in steel
Mega Muscle Drill
OSG Aerospace Router
1990: Established OSG Asia in Singapore
2001: Established OSG Shanghai in China
Offices Worldwide
Regional Headquarters
Corporate Offices
China Headquarters
Shanghai, China
Asia Headquarters
China Headquarters

OSG (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
17/C-F New Shanghai Int'l. Tower, 360 PuDong South Road, Shanghai, China, 200120
TEL : (86) 21-5888-6600 FAX : (86) 21-5888-3300
Asia Headquarters

OSG Asia Pte Ltd.
No. 60 Kaki Bukit Place,
#08-19 Eunos Techpark,
415979, Singapore
TEL : (65) 6844-4350
FAX : (65) 6844-4351
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