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Inferno vs. Paradise Lost

No description

lexie scott

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Inferno vs. Paradise Lost

Inferno vs. Paradise Lost
This presentation will compare and contrast Miltons's paradise lost and Dantes inferno's take on many different things like characters, settings, and hierarchy.
Angels are categorized in to nine levels of people who have attained, the sphere in which they now reside.
There are two main characters in both the Inferno and Paradise Lost. These characters are similar but are described differently in many ways.
God, "All Mighty",
Satan, Devil, Lucifer
Nine concentric circles,
Representing an increase of wickedness
“Cast into the lake of fire” (Revelation 20:15).
eternal punishments
hell is at the bottom
There are nine levels of angles
god is the highest
each angel gets more beautiful and stronger as the levels go up.
Satan is the strongest fallen angel.
now a 3 headed beast
was condemned to hell for betreying god
the worst of the sinners go to the last level of hell

Fallen Angels/ Demons
Heaven is a paradise that is beautiful and wonderful
Haven is at the top

There are two different settings that are explained in both selections.
Heaven is at the top
Purgatory is next and in the middle
Hell is last and at the bottom.

Dante's Inferno and Milton's Paradise Lost has very different descriptions of each setting.

Dante's Inferno
Milton's Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost
"bottomless perdition" (I. 47)
"fiery gulf" (I. 52)
"A dungeon horrible" (I. 61)
"one great furnace flamed, yet from those flames ,No light (I. 62-63)
Regions of sorrow, doleful shades, where peace and rest can never dwell, hope never comes. (Line 65)
Paradiso, is Dante’s vision of heaven.
nine spheres, in a concentric pattern, each level coming closer to the presence of God.
Heaven is temperate
Heaven is bright.
Heaven is the most peaceful place imaginable.
Paradise lost
pure evil
the fallen angel.
apostate angel" (I, 125)
"above the rest, in shape and gesture proudly eminent" (I, 589-90).
matchless but with the almighty" (Milton I, 623)
most beautiful angel
cast down from heaven for going aginst god
3 headed beast
muscular humanoid demon
Paradise lost
the almighty Father and Creator of the entire universe
most beautiful
highest of all beings
'the almighty Father' (III.56)
'the great creator' (III.167),
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