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DTI project OBJ and SCOPE



on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of DTI project OBJ and SCOPE

Destnetion Travel Information Project Panorama Contents Authoring Interface REST API Base URL
CRUD Functionality
E.g. http://www.dpoi.org/rest/node/1.json
Range/Category Filter and Keyword Search Web Interface http://smart.imrc.kist.re.kr/dev/panorama/1 Iterative Resolution of PlaceID Result SPARQL Endpoint Drupal CMS-based Prototype Contents Cloud Engine
To provide a personalized tour service using user-generated Contents
Contents Store
To associate each data using metadata
POI Engine
contents TourCloud CMS Korea Tourism Organization
27,848 POIs
API Service
RESTful Web Service
SPARQL Search Digital POI Service Open-source content management system
Drupal 7 current, Drupal 8 imminent
Extensible “node” content type
Modular & Customizable
Over 6000 contributed modules
Powers more than 1% of top 1M websites
Growing rapidly 05 Drupal CMS, http://drupal.org/
Location-based POI Engine To share temporal/spatial presence of real-world objects
Place ID-based Unified Location Referencing System
To support object referencing at various Level-of-Details
Region, Building, Room, and Object
Place Meronomy-based Distributed Server Architecture
To extract opinion sentences and episode from the WEB
POI Detection on the Web Text  Opinion Analysis / Episode Extraction 06 Research Components 03 KIST Imaging Media Research Center, http://www.imrc.kist.re.kr
Contact: Heedong Ko, ko@imrc.kist.re.kr
Hogun Park, hogun@imrc.kist.re.kr Thank you Intelligent CMS Development Digital Contents Crawling and Management for Tourism Information
Digital POI-Storytelling Contents Scheme / Open API Service 목표 05 1 Year
3 Year
CMS Open API Service
Episode Extraction
World-Level TourCloud Service and Evaluation Future Plan 08 다양한 Level-of-Detail에서의 실감 콘텐츠를 통한 투어 계획 생성 지원 인터페이스 TourCloud Service Layer TourCloud Platform-based Service Implementation
Immersive Contents Authoring Interface / Player 목표 07 06 <location>
</location> Relative Location Model
Identify a Place for Scope
The Specific Position within
A GeoPlace Identifier
A coordinate which identifies the specific location within the given place
Heading, tilt, roll
The instant when the location is captured (timespan, timestamp) Presence Model User A received overall negative impressions on a restaurant B, but user A can write a review on field of large quantities of food and a huge parking lot. Review Summarization Opinion Analysis
Restaurant View (Input/Output) UN/CEFACT 20th Forum Speaker: Hogun Park, KIST TourCloud: Intelligent Tour Contents
Cloud Technology Members: Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)
Lotte Tour
Samah Aerial Survey
Mirim Flacon
Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Test Collection POI Detection
Engine To detect point-of-interest from the web POI Detection LOD Resolution of Presence Research Team Members 02 KAIST
POI/Attraction Opinion Mining
Episode Extraction and Summarization POI Authoring/
Semantic Analysis Standardization Commercialization Lotte Tour / KIST
UN CEFACT Destination Information (DTI Project) Standard
Travel EBXML Standard (in Korea) Lotte Tour
Service Model Development and Evaluation

TND/TNDS Development for
Digital Story Telling Samah Aerial Survey
Three-Dimensional POI Data Capturing - Context-aware Service
- Digital Publishing and
Social Networking
- Tour Contents CMS Tour Cloud
Framework KIST
Mirim Flacon
Destination Information Modeling
Tour Scenario Modeling
TND/TNDS UX Development read/write Fetcher Focused Domain Crawling
(everytrail .. ) Lucene Webpages/Files Location Social Media
(Twitter, Foursquare, Flickr) Google Blog Search Wrapper for Lucene Web
API POI List Custom
URL Extractor Plug-in read/write Korean Analyzer read/write WebDB Segment Fetcher URLs List Tour Contents Crawler KR Jeju Seoul Seongbuk-Gu Jongro-Gu Sejong Street Sajik Street Room1 place:1.410. place:1.410. place:1.410.11.11.34 place:1.410.11.11 place:1.410.11 place:1.410 place:1 Place Meronomy Indoor-
Localization Trail and Pose
Detection Tour Service and Storytelling Guideline at each Tour Category Digital Story Telling POI Data Modeling Tour Service Modeling New Service Model and Market Place GPS Development on
POI Representation and Analysis
for Story-telling Story Telling
Development Digital Tour
Support Tourist
Analysis Digital Story
Analysis Tour
Analysis Exchangeable Digital Tour Contents Ecosystem/
Standardization Tourist Scheduler /
Digital Consents Platform Digital POI/Story Telling Contents 04 Contents Crawling TourCloud Authoring POI/
Story-telling Contents
Online Commerce In-Situ
Service Activity Logging,
Information Service
Guidance Service Service
Engine Intelligent
CMS Open
Interface Standard on
StoryTelling Tour
Publishing Tour Plan Recommendation Tour Service
Provider Life-Logging
Digital Publishing Opinion Mining Tour Agency Open API Tourist Social Overlay Research Goal social media, and the Web in more semantic and intelligent ways
To provide an integrated tour experience and market place though TourCloud platform Research Overview 01
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