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No description

Brady Edwards

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of MDPV

By: Brady Edwards
What Is It?
A.K.A. "Bath Salts".
new family of drugs containing one or more manmade chemicals.
amphetamine-like stimulant found in khat plant naturally.
What Does it do?
Originally used to produce:
Increased sociability
Increased sex drive
Strong feelings of joy
Other effects:
Loss of contact with reality
Violent behavior
Really really bad case of the munchies
How are they used?

Worst effects usually caused by snorting or injecting
First formulated in France during the 1920s
Dissapeared for quite some time
Rediscovered by an underground chemist
Chemist put the recipe on a site called "The Hive"
"The Hive" was shut down in 2004 due to too much info on illicit drugs
Drug became extremely popular in Europe and recently in the U.S.A.
Bath Salt Use in U.S.
Street Names
Plant Food
Jewelry Cleaner
Phone Screen Cleaner
Cloud 9
Vanilla Sky
White Lightning
Rudy Eugene
"Miami Cannibal"
feasted on face of a homeless man
Ronald Poppo
Did not die until being shot 4 times by police
Mauled Ronalds face down to the goatee
Forehead left to bone
No nose
No mouth
No eyes
Experianced hallucinations due to bath salts
May, 2012
Carl Jacquneaux
Scott, Louisiana
Extremely similar to "Miami Cannibal" incident
Bit a chunk of neighbors face off
Todd Credeur
Held a knife to neck of an aquaintance
tried to steal a handgun from aquaintence
Arrested trying to steal gun
Believed to be on bath salts
Alexander Kinyua
21 yrs. old
Harford County, Maryland
Killed his roomate
Ate heart and part of brain
Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie
37 yrs. old
What it Looks Like
Comes in small bags
Put Not for human consumption" on package to make it legal
colorful package and salts
many different names
Look like pop rocks
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