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iTalk Part 1

Job Talk Nov 2012

Furqan Shaikh

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of iTalk Part 1

Furqan Shaikh
November 30, 2012 iTalk Time to Shaikh it Up EDUCATOR MANAGER MEDICAL EXPERT RESEARCHER ELECTION 2012 1. Teach to the Learner's Z ne of Proximal Development
(Show the Forest, then the Trees, then the Twigs) Orientation Application Innovation Survive Decide Devise Experiences


Evaluations Handbook Portal Research Club 2. Replace "Self-Directed" with "Guided Self-Directed."
(Make it Easy to do the Right Thing) Algorithm Heuristic Mystery 3. The Best Time to Learn Something is Right Before You Need to Use it
(And the Best Time for Feedback is Right After) What's Next? Develop a ME-Learning Curriculum Multimedia Lectures
Nutshell Slides
Core Literature Archive
Exam Bank
Learning Portfolio
Website and App Develop Personalized Evaluations Challenges Workflow Gap Analysis Demo What's Next? Documentation



Complexity Database CPOE Website Mobile Structured
Notes Roles Rare Tumors Are Common Common Tumors Are (Becoming) Rare Rare Tumors Have the Longest Discussions Rare Tumors Have Important "Reduction of Therapy" Questions Rare Tumors Have Exciting Biostatistical Challenges Rare Tumors Are Entering the Biological Era Rare Tumors Make Good Fellows' Projects Rare Tumors Aren't Rare for the Patient Pooled Database, International Collaboration, Non-Inferiority, "Pick the Winner", Bayesian and Meta-Analytic, Unconventional P-value DICER1 in PPB

miRNA in GCT

Cisplatin Pharmacogenomics ...Rare Tumor Bowling! WHAT'S NEXT? General Expertise in Solid Tumors

Focused Expertise in Rare Tumors
(Intellectual Reservoir)

Clinical Research & Trials Q. How common are difficult and traumatic LPs? Q2. What are the Consequences of TLPs? Q3. What are the Risk Factors for TLPs? Q4. Is There a Better Way? Q5. Can it Be Done by Pediatric Oncologists? Q6. What's Next? "Section Program Director" Standardization

"Change Champion"


Regional Network Continue to:
Observe Challenges
Ask New Questions
Develop Sound Methods
Find Innovative Answers
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