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My Senior Memory Book

Senior Memory Book for Mrs. Cargill

Keiona Bolling

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of My Senior Memory Book

Who Am I? My Mommy ! " Before I was, there were. " " Suddenly, I Became Me " " School Bells " Keiona Boiling My Senior Memory Book I am Keiona Nichole Bolling. I was born on May 2, 1995. I live in Montgomery,AL. I want to become a pediatrician. How would I reach this goal? First, I will graduate from highschool then off to college I go! Its a must that I stay focus and stay on track! My Daddy ! My Big Sisters ! Suddenly I became a spoiled little brat. I am daddy's little girl. I learned how to read and write at an early age. I didn't really go by the name Keiona. Everybody called me " Nikki ". As a youngster I liked to play outside after school with my friends. Mama always said make sure your in the house before the street lights come on! I'll never forget when I was watching an episode of Rugrats and Angelica got some scissors and she cut her hair. Like a fool , I got the scissors and cut my hair and boy when my mama came home and realized I cut my hair ... Worst Whooping EVER ! Kindergarten through half of my 2nd. grade year I attended Carver Elementary. My favorite teacher name was Mrs. Arderson. The remainder of my 2nd. grade year to the 3rd. grade I started attending Hayneville Rd. I enjoyed the new friends I made and I loved all of my teachers. I used to enjoy learning how to add and subtract with our bears we used. Math was my favorite subject. The best part about elementary was when the book fair came ! " More School Bells " I continued the rest of my years at Hayneville Rd. 4th and 5th. grade. Most of my friends transferred because they moved. I tried out for the jump rope team. I was surprised I made it because it was kind of hard. I really enjoyed my coach Ms. Thomas. I didn't think that jump roping was going to go far but we actually had performances for different schools and they really enjoyed us. The best part about being on the team was when we took that long trip to Arkansas. " I Grew Up Here " I grew up in Montgomery,AL. Since I was baby, my parents stayed in a neighborhood called West View Gardens. That's where I grew up and where most of my friends lived. I stayed out there until after I turned 14 , I moved out with my dad. " Hide and Seek " Candy Land Donkey Kong Pac-Man Super Mario Twister Connect Four My Best Boyfriend I didn't have a crush in elementary because I wasn't even thinking about those type of things when I was young. I just wanted to play and have fun with my friends. I Wish I Could See ... Again I wish I could see my great-grandfather again ! I used to enjoy being around him. We would laugh and joke all day every day. He gave all of his great-grands nicknames and boy did I hate my name! He called me " Doo-Loo ". Where did that name come from?! I have no clue! Junior High School Or Middle School Middle School , I attended McIntyre. I was nervous because I had to get accustomed to the students and my new teachers. I was the new kid on the block compared to everyone else. I really ended up liking the school. I met a lot of new friends. Let's Go To The Movies Baby Boy House Party Daddy Daycare The Call The Haunted House Love & Basketball Honey Texas Chainsaw Big Momma House Rush Hour Who's Your Caddy Scary Movie My Bloody Valentine 3D Daddy's Little Girls BAPS 21 & Over Tyler Perry's Temptations Madea Gets A Job Taken Fast and the Furious Lets Take A Vacation Since I've been young , I have took a lot of trips with my family. I have visited North & South Carolina , New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Florida, etc. High School: The Early Years My freshman year at Carver Senior High School was my best year even though I was bad and stayed in detention all because of Ms. Short. I made alot of new friends. It sucked that I was short and everyone else was taller than me. I tried out for the cheerleading team my sophomore year. I made it. I never thought I would be a cheerleader because i've never cheered before. I gave the cheering a break my junior year. The work wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Hines. At Last, I'm A Senior My Senior year was ok. I found out who all my real friends were in the end. I enjoyed cheering. The best season was football season. I enjoyed our new coach Ms.Heard. I am happy that I haven't got into any trouble this year. Throughout my senior year, my best teacher was Mrs. Cargill. The sad part is my senior year is now coming to an end. I'm going to miss my friends. "If I Could Live My Life All Over Again, I Would..." If I could live my life all over again. I would go back to go back to my younger days when everyone were friends, everyone got along. I want to go back to those days where there wasn't so many shootings and deaths. Everyone was cool with each other. Things just aren't the same anymore. There is so much hatred in this world and I just wish it would stop.
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