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Speak for the Trees

This is a lesson designed for 5th graders. It covers some brief information about Earthy Day, enviromental vocabulary, and additional reading. The main focus is on trees and how they are used in urban areas, and planting white pine seedlings.

Chad Wade

on 16 September 2010

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Transcript of Speak for the Trees

Nick Kuhn for the use of his background art.
@city4ster Special Thanks to: Speak For The Trees
The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970 Earth Day That was 40 years ago There are other great books written about our planet other than the Lorax Today we will focus on The Lorax 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Sound Barriers Increase property values Trees clean the air Shade and Cool Windbreakers Trees fight soil erosion. Produce Oxygen Carbon Sinks The White Pine The white pine is
a large pine native
to Northern America. Instead of leaves
they have needles
in bunches of five How to Plant a White Pine Spring is usually the best
time to plant the white pine. Rainforests are vital. They have many resources.
One of which is the raw materials
for creating new medicines. Deforestation is the action or process
of clearing an area of forest. It is destructive
if not devastating to the environment. Today, the movement is still growing
strong, and there is a bigger commitment
than ever to protect the environment
and keep it clean. The Ozone Layer in our
atmosphere blocks most
of the sun's ultraviolet
radiation. When the sun's radiation
becomes trapped in our
atmosphere it raises our
planet's temperature. This
is known as the
"Greenhouse Effect." Many white pine die before they even get their roots in the ground. During the planting process, make sure
the tree roots are kept moist, and are
not exposed to periods of sunlight. Even a few minutes of having
a seedling's roots exposed to a light
breeze on a sunny day can kill the
roots (and the seedling. Seedlings can be easily planted
using a spade or shovel. Again, when digging make
sure the hole is deep and
wide enough to allow the
roots to spread out, and
fully extend downward. Once a tree is properly
positioned in the hole, pack
the soil in gently around it. Water the tree to settle
and moisten the soil. Tug lightly on the tree once
planted. If it comes out of the
hole easily, you will need to pack
the soil more firmly. Grasses and weeds can
be controlled through
mowing or mulching. Just make sure mom or dad
don't mow over your white pine!
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