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ChemLog TT

No description

Kristina Hartmann

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of ChemLog TT

ChemLog T&T Tracking and Tracing solutions for improvement of intermodal transport of dangerous goods in CEE INTERREG IVB Central Europe Application approved on 24 May 2012
Project duration 07/12 – 12/14,
Budget: 1.9 Mio. Euro
Lead Partner: Ministry for Science and Economy of Saxony-Anhalt (DE) Partnership Ministry of Science and Economy Saxony-Anhalt, DE (LP)
Ministry of Transport and Regional Development Saxony-Anhalt, DE
Isw Institute for Structural Policy and Economic Development, DE
Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, DE
Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry, PL
Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic, CZ
Usti Region, CZ
University of Applied Science Upper Austria, AT
Association of chemical and pharmaceutical industry of Slovak Republic, SK
Province of Novara, IT
MAG Hungarian Economic Development Center, HU
University of Maribor, SV
La Spezia Port Authority, IT
Circle Srl, IT
CIMA – International Center for Environmental Monitoring, IT Objectives general Promotion of intelligent use of ICT for the improvement of intermodal transport of dangerous goods in Central and Eastern Europe to strengthen regional development and competitiveness of chemical industry
Facilitate modal shift from road to rail and reduce greenhouse emissions by improving competitiveness of intermodal transport
Improvement of safety, security, reliability and efficiency of intermodal transport of dangerous goods
Objectives specific Applying ICT for development of efficient traffic management and information systems of transnational transport of dangerous goods by tracking and tracing, bundling of transports and connecting of intermodal hubs in Central and Eastern Europe,
Improvement of framework conditions in view of organizational, institutional and strategic solutions for tracking and tracing technologies for intermodal transport of dangerous goods under involvement of companies, logistic service providers and public authorities,
Develop recommendations for open and joint standards for tracking and tracing as result of practical testing and facilitate the networking and implementation of T&T technologies in CEE
Planned Activities WP 3 Analysis and Tool Development
Analyse of supply chain and needs of companies and public authorities
Assessment of available technologies (RFID, Galileo, GPS, etc.)
Joint development of ICT tool for tracking and tracing
WP 4 Pilot Projects
Implementation of 4 transnational pilot projects application of tool
1. PEC II or III from Germany to Poland (until Russia),
2. PEC V from Italy – Slovenia and Hungary (until Ukraine).
3. from Austria, Slovakia and Hungary,
4. From Czech Republic to Slovakia
WP 5 Mainstreaming
Recommendation for implementation of new tool
Recommendation for Joint European Standard
WP 2 Dissemination
3 Dissemination events, Website, Newsletter, Brochures, Video, Press Conference Regional Stakeholder Meetings
Organisation of cooperation Bottom up approach – regional, transnational, European
Regional Stakeholder Forum – Integration of Interest of regional Stakeholders (Enterprises, Associations, Chambers, ...)
Transnational Workshops of project partners for implementation of work in European consortium
Regulatory Advisory Group in Brussels for articulation of project results towards European Institutions and Interest representations,
Integration of Expertise from chemical enterprises, associations and logistic providers is required – sustainable partnership
Interaction with European Chemical Regions Network - Chemical Logistics Network in Central and Eastern Europe, Cefic, EPCA etc.
Contact CMU Andreas Fiedler
isw Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Beratung und Dienstleistung mbH
Seebener Str. 2206114 Halle
Phone: +49 345 299 82 724
Email: fiedler@isw-gmbh.de

Lead Partner Catrin Gutowsky
Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft Landes Sachsen-AnhaltMinistry for Science and Economy Saxony-Anhalt
Hasselbachstraße 439104 MagdeburgPhone: +49 345 567 4452Email: catrin.gutowsky@mw.sachsen-anhalt.de
Tracking and Tracing solutions for improvement of intermodal transport of dangerous goods in Central and Eastern Europe
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