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Who Am I?

No description

Irene Sahinidis

on 6 September 2014

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Transcript of Who Am I?

Irene Sahinidis
September 8 2014
Senior AP Lit G Block
The Basics
I'm just gonna leave now...
The big, blue Sea
My Happy Place
If not for them...

Created and Presented by Irene Sahinidis
Who Am I?
Roald Dahl

Tony Stark
Dr. Alicia Merristone
I've never really belonged on the ground...the greater the altitude the better
When left to my own devices...
I build Stuff
I read...everything
Stress Bake
Chill with friends
The Ol' Family
It's huge and Greek
My two younger cousins are like sisters
The youngest is my God daughter
We're "not from around here"
Other Random Stuff
I LOVE animals
Occasionally post pictures on my national Geographic account
I have a younger sister...who is sometimes questionably related
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