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Olisana+ [EN]

No description

Daniela Belenska

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of Olisana+ [EN]

we set
for ideas generation
To introduce Olisana and its strengths to the target audience

To position Olisana as healthy and tasty food

To achieve long term results
+ promotion
at the places of purchase
how it works
working title:
Challenge the Olisana' Chef!
To introduce the new product Olisana to people with affinity to tasty food

To present to the audience the main product qualities

To connect emotionally the participants with the brand.

To provoke participants to spread the link to the landing page by sending invitations to friends for voting on Facebook and email.
This prize is for the recipe that collected the most votes.

There is a Prize of Audience for every week challenge.

The goal of this reward is to motivate the participants to share the link to the game with more and more people.
HOW to spread the word for
appropriate for healthy life and various food

Different filters for finding a meal: season, calories, vegetarian, recipes with a specific ingredient or without milk, eggs, gluten, etc.

The names in the lists are active links to the full recipes.
(+ responsive web design for mobile use)

Manual insert of products in the list
When choosing one or more website recipes, the system automatically adds the ingredients to the grocery list.

Very useful tool for shopping people with access always and everywhere due to the responsive web design - a possibility to use the website on different devices.

Print option.
Ideas lists with meals
Calendar of season foods
It will be possible to list the recipes for selected food.
Groceries list
strong immunity
stable blood pressure
healthy skin
good memory
A new way
to feel better!
further and longer?
We are confident that Internet is a perfect space for Olisana to attract the desired target group.

The question for us was

Here we would like to present our solutions.
+ website-blog
We suggest to create a website with useful information for healthy living and/or healthy nutrition.
We propose a set of different approaches that
could be developed by stages
contribute to achieve the goals in different ways
work as additions to the "base"
could be executed in different combinations
landing page
Let's assume that internet campaign for Olisana could be carried out with the minimum:
creative ideas
A drop of health
in every bite!
The Heart of Olisana
The following visuals and animations are only ideas, not final design.
These ideas will be implemented in attractive manner both on the banners and the landing page.
internet banners + landing page
idea 1
A drop of health
in every bite
idea 2
For developing a popular lifestyle website it is required to enrich the content constantly with useful articles for healthy living and nutrition, allergies, etc.

The articles will refer to the main Olisana' qualities on every occasion.
Through such website we will position Olisana as healthy and tasty. This will give us extremely good opportunity to build image for Olisana as a "cool" product - attractive for our desired target group.
Blog functionality for easy article reblogging...
Successively created and durable:
brand image and awareness
consumer connection with the brand
...facilitates website popularization.
During campaigns landing pages will be installed as a part of the website.
Double benefit for every banner click:
it will lead to the campaign landing page
it will show people the useful website with healthy information.
As an example the website name could be "Healthy lifestyle".

But always on the most visible spots (in the header, footer, etc.) a bottle and a headline will remind that this useful website exists thanks to Olisana.
Every user interested in the website information will be exposed to Olisana' branding.
It is only an example, not a design proposal.
the idea emphasizes on the product benefits, in which the user would be interested
from a healthy point of view
the idea emphasizes on the qualities of Olisana
The presented ideas will be implemented in a similar way in banners and landing page.

The landing page will use modern plug-ins and all the necessary information for Olisana will be presented attractively.
A few ideas for "useful tools" could be developed as a section in the website-blog.

These tools would help us create regular users to the website-blog where we mention Olisana and its qualities in various ways.
"What to make for dinner today?",
the mother often asks.
Usually the rest of the family
"generously" leave the decision in her hands.
To support those who take care of cooking
at home - every day and for special occasions:
- synchronized with the consciously healthy nutrition
Of course, as often as possible the oil in the recipes will be Olisana.
we could achieve with that game
The game could not be combined with the creative ideas presented in the BASE slides. The game requires different banners and landing page.

The options to use this game are:
to be used INSTEAD of the creative ideas

as a FOLLOWING campaign for Olisana, (the landing page could again be independent or installed as a part of the website-blog)
("The heart of Olisana", "Drop of health in every bite")
The prize of Audience
"Special dinner from
2 types of
At the end of the game The Chef of Olisana (a marketing character created for the campaign) determines the winner recipe, according to criteria defined at the beginning (such as creativity, taste and look, etc.).

The prize: The Chef of Olisana will cook at the winner's place 4 portions from both recipes - the winner recipe and the variation of the Chef himself with the same ingredients.
the Chef of Olisana"
"The golden apron of Olisana"
It is a game of imagination, so it is not necessary the recipes to be cooked and visualized with a photo.

New participants can enter the game anytime with a recipe/s for any of the challenges.

Next step is to invite friends to vote for their recipes.
The game is online for 4-5 weeks.

Every week the Olisana Chef defines different ingredients. (One of them is always Olisana.) The participants invent and publish a recipe with the ingredients of the week.

For every challenge the participants could add one ingredient of their choice. All spices are also chosen by the recipe author.

Every recipe should contain every ingredient of the week, weights, preparation and how the meal is served and the way it looks at the end.
The promotions already realized at the places of purchase would be an useful addition during the internet campaign.
what every approach
The recipes are part of the tools.

As we mentioned they will include Olisana every time it is possible. This will let us demonstrate all the possible ways of use of Olisana.
Even if it exists separately, the game landing page will include pages with detailed information about Olisana and short presentation of Costa d'Oro product line.
The branded Grocery list tool on the mobile could be a reminder while choosing oil.
We are available for further questions and details:
Daniela Belenska
mobile: +359 889 81 80 63
skype: Daniela Belenska / dd--2b
emai: daniela@spiraliwebstudio.com
(see below)
In Bulgarian the headline has rhythm:
The words for drop and bite
differ only by one letter.
Kапка здраве
във всяка хапка
for breakfast, lunch or dinner
presented in the beginning
brings for achieving the final goal
what are the ways to achieve this goal.
Thank you!
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