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The Truman Show

No description

Raphin Hossain

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of The Truman Show

The Truman Show
Accepting Reality of the World Presented to Us
Satirizes tendency of individuals to simply accept what's around them

Highlight by a quote in the film -------->

Film ridicules those who simply accept what they are told without questioning
Those who avoid the legitimate, harsh facts and the real truth
Indicates these people are weak and accepting
All they know is the reality of the world which is presented to them
The Truman Show is a 1998 American comedy-drama film directed by Australian, Peter Weir
Story of Truman Burbank who lives in a large designed television studio and unbeknownst to him, is part of his own reality TV show
Truman figures out that his surroundings are full of staged scenes and events due to several production mistakes. eg. Production lighting falling from the 'sky'
Trying to make his escape, he encounters the borders of the production set encountering the man behind the strings, Cristof
Weir balances the comedic and dramatic element to highlight the serious topic of media
2. The fake nature of the media
Ridicules media's deception by representing our media world using Truman's fake world
Christof (show's creator), prepares each actor's lines to make it entertaining, even at Truman's expense
E.g. Truman falls in love with a woman, but Christof had not planned this, so he gets rid of her
3. Media emphasis on commercial gain
Weir ridicules media's obsession with money by exaggerating presence of advertising and product placement in the Truman Show
Show's revenue is based on product placement
Everything on the show is for sale and products are praised by the actors
Actor's endorsements are exaggerated and done sarcastically to exaggerate their stupidity
E.g. Truman's wife appears angry and sad with him but launches into a happy endorsement
Satirical Techniques
Film ridicules three main things:
1. Audience and the general public
Film ridicules our blind consumption of the media
Truman Show's audience is obsessed with it even though they know it is fake
E.g. people sleep with the show on
Film shows audience do not care about Truman as a person
E.g. they bet on his survival
Influence of Media
A satire of the media's interference on every aspect of the daily lives of people
The media have surrounded people with a universe of illusions, thus shaping lives
People confronted with powerful drivers of the media such as:
Entertainment Companies
News Organisations
Political Groups
Everyone is exposed to messages from many sources. These include:
Messages promote moods, attitudes and ideas.
Truman Show is an exaggeration of a reality TV show
Controlled environment inside huge metal dome
Challenges are presented to him through life events
Demonstrates media's ability to manipulate the world we perceive
Shows audience's ignorance as they ignore Truman's unnecessary suffering
Three main techniques
Truman's fake world is an allegory for our own media world
His revelation that his world is staged represents our growing awareness
His hesitation to leave represents our reluctance to break our relationship with media
Audience of the show is an allegory for 'us', the real world audience
Film demonstrates our insatiable appetite for cheap amusement
The creator of the show, Christof acts as a kind of god-like figure for Truman and represents the media, emphasises the way it controls everything around us
The Truman Show at its core is a unique film that follows the life of Truman set in a 1950s America.
The movie goes far beyond Truman, as director Peter Weir explores certain aspects of society during its production

The context refers to the who, what, where and whys

Director's Inspiration
The Growing Power of Media
Social & Cultural Setting
Social Attitudes

Objects Of Ridicule
What is being satirized?
The Media & Its Influence
Tendency of Individuals to Simply Accept the Reality of the World Around Them
Values Within a Society
"We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented"
Values Within a Society
Makes a satirical commentary on vales within society. These include:
Disregard for Privacy
Sacrifice of morals for money
Extent to which we will go for, for entertainment
Truman's most personal moments are broadcast for the entire world to view
Target Audience
Vast audience due to prevalence of ideas
Regardless of age, gender, ethnic background, etc.
Main group being targeted is younger generation
They can inspire change
Director's Inspirations
Peter Weir stated that his main inspiration in making ‘The Truman Show’ was the filmmaker Stanley Kubrick and his films
Weir was impressed with Kubrick’s ability to balance comic and dramatic elements
Centres on the idea of the media manipulating public opinion
The Growing Power of Media
During production and release the media was the one network between the people and events
Satirizes the media’s intrusion and impact on every aspect of the daily lives
Film poses a metaphor for the audience for their own situation
The fake landscape that Truman lives in is their own media landscape
Filmed in the late twentieth century and during that time period various forms of new media were starting to emerge
Previously, almost no criticism of the media reached the public
Used that power to censor all discussion of its own role in shaping events.
America has undergone a significant cultural change.
Portrayed in a suburbia 1950's lifestyle and culture.
The Truman Show is convincing in it's realism with the support of stories and simulations much like the media
Public have two main social attitudes and behaviourisms concerning media
In one, this audience is absorbed by it; accepting its rendition of reality
In the second attitude the public examine the depth and meaning behind a story allowing for criticism and freedom.
Weir plays on the interchangeable nature of these attitudes
Social Attitudes
Social and Cultural Setting
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