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Throat Culture

No description

Timothy Heilman

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Throat Culture

THROAT CULTURE by: Christopher Golden and Rick Hautala Christopher Golden was born July 1967 in Massachusetts. He is a Graduate of Tufts University. Along with many Novels, Christopher Golden has also written many comic books and video games. he Hey soul sister HAHAHA YOU FEL RICK HAUTALA Rick Rick Hautala Rick Hautala was born in Rockport Massachuesetts Febuary 3, 1949. He has published over 90 novels and short stories since the early 80's. Rick is a graduate of the University of Maine in Orno with a Masters of Art in English. He now lives in southern Maine and serves a Vice President and Trustee for the Horror Writers Assocciation Jenna Blake Jenna Blake is a college student at Somerset University. Jenna was tall and slinder like a pole. She spends most of her time at the University medical center as an aid for Doctor Slikowski (aka Slick). She mainly does clerical work such as writing autopsy reports and assisting Slick with anything he needs done. Jenna has aspiritions of becoming a specialty doctor in the feild of forensics. PLOT This book takes place at Somerset University in Boston Massachusetts. Jenna is just a normal college student that just so happens to love forensics. Her father is a professor at summer set and falls in love with another proffesor Shayna. At the begining of the book they get married, and the Somerset staf decides to hold a luncheon in their honor. But at this special luncheon the food was poisoned and two people die, including the Dean. Jenna gets the news and its not good. Her father has survived because he didnt eat any of the food but her new step-mother Shayna is paralyzed. After this case was thought to be just a routine shell fish poisoning people around campus begin to drop like flies causing the CDC to quarantine the campus so the deadly virus doesnt spread. Jenna's curiosity pushes her with the help of the Somerset medical team to find whats really going on in this man-made mystery. DR.Slikowski (aka Slick) Slick is an older gentleman with white hair and round wireless glasses. He is a Doctor at Somerset University in Boston Mass. He is reluctant to change. He prefers to do things the old fashiod way (limited use of technology). Frank and Shayna Newlyweds Frank and Shayna both teach at Somerset University. He Criminology department and she in the English Department. They postponed there honeymoon till after the winter semester so that they did not have to take a break from teaching. Frank's daughter is Jenna and Shayna is Jenna's stepmother. The Somerset staff decided to throw a reception in there honor where Shayna will end up paralized. Characters Yoshiko Yoshiko is Jenna's roomate at Somerset. She is a possitive influence on Jenna and helps Jenna through the rough patches in her life. Professor Kimball Professor Kimball is on staff at Somerset. she is a beautiful woman with blonde hair. She was new to campus and was a prime suspect in the case. John Kimball Professor Kimballs husband. He was a tall tin man with hawk like features. He and his wife were never seen together but on rare occasions.
Type of Book Fiction- Medical mystery Favorite Part: i really enjoyed the way these two authors wrote this book. They had alot of medical terms that were described in dialoge instead of having to look it up. they basically made it so that anyone can read this book. Least Favorite part My least favorite part of this book is how they reveal the killer in the prolouge.
So if your smart enough to read the prolouge then you already know the killer throught the entire story. so you have to forget about it being a mystery and more of a medical thriller My rating I would give this book a 4 0ut of 10

yeah.... wasn't that good
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