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No description

Nate Gibson

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of biomass

Double click anywhere & add an idea BIOMASS WHERE THEY GET THERE ENERGY How the process works It has been used successfully plants geting energy from the sun animals eating the plants for there energy
small animals anmals geting bigger biomass boiler burning of wood for energy cycle looking thing another cycle map thing blue picture of the sun green picture solor flare animals eating animals for energy animals in there prime How much does biomass cost 7-9 cents per kilowatt-hour Cheaper than coal for one megawatt hour for burning coal it cost $20-30 compared to 7-9 cents per kilowatt-hour for biomass energy Why should we use biomass we can make bimass faster and easer Bomass is a renewable energy but we have to carfull or we could use up our resources befor we regrow them
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