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William L. Weaver, Ph.D.

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William L. Weaver

on 26 December 2012

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Transcript of William L. Weaver, Ph.D.

William L. Weaver, Ph.D. Areas of Specialization - Analytical Chemistry
- Laser Spectroscopy
- Instrument / Measurement Design
- Data Acquisition and Analysis
- Algorithm Development
- Intelligent Systems
- Systems Thinking Biographical Sketch William L. Weaver was born and raised in rural Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He apprenticed in his father's print shop since the age of four where he developed a love of machines, systems, and automation. After graduating from high school in the Orwellian Class of 1984, he attended Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania where he earned the Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Chemistry and Physics. He attended The Ohio State University Graduate School earning the Ph.D. degree in Analytical Chemistry in 1992 under the direction of Professor Terry L. Gustafson with specializations in ultrafast laser spectroscopy, instrument development, system automation, and algorithmic data analysis. After a post-doctoral appointment in the College of Medicine and Public Health of The Ohio State University he became an on-site defense contractor at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in what is now the Combustion and Laser Diagnostics Research Complex of the Air Force Research Laboratory Propulsion Directorate. Dr. Weaver contributed to the development of techniques including Thin-Filament Pyrometry (TFP), Thin-Filament Velocimetry (TFV), Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV), Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Ultrafast Pump/Probe Spectroscopy, Picosecond Time-Resolved Laser-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy (PITLIF), Pressure-Sensitive Paint (PSP), Strain-Sensitive Skin (S3), and Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring in Fuel (USPTO 5,919,710). He also consulted for various propulsion and airframe manufacturers including Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, NASA Glenn, NASA Ames, The Ford Motor Company, Visteon Corporation, and the University of Florida. In 1999, he left the defense industry and joined the faculty of La Salle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as an Assistant Professor to collaborate on the development of a new Bachelor of Science degree in Integrated Science, Business, and Technology. This interdisciplinary major introduces undergraduates to the process of innovation by the study of fundamental scientific discoveries that are leveraged into new technological goods and services through the application of business and project management. Dr. Weaver develops and teaches courses in Systems Analysis, Physics, Instrumentation and Measurement, Materials, Laboratory Informatics, Collaborative Software Development, Intelligent Systems, and Knowledge Discovery. His personal research interests center around automation, algorithmic intelligence, and robotics. In 2000, Dr. Weaver became a contributing editor of Scientific Computing, a trade magazine published by Advantage Business Media. He wrote a monthly editorial column and occasional feature article on the broad topic of Data Acquisition and Data Analysis through mid-2009. In 2007, Dr. Weaver was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor and was granted tenure within the Faculty at La Salle. "If you want to succeed, double your failure rate." - Thomas J. Watson, IBM The quote above is attributed to one of the most successful American industrialists of the 20th century, Thomas J. Watson. He began his career in 1892 as a bookkeeper for his home town market at age 18 and later sold pianos and sewing machines. At age 21, he became a salesman for National Cash Register (NCR) and rose to the position of General Sales Manager. In 1912, he and 30 other NCR executives were indicted for violating antitrust statutes, fired from NCR, fined $5,000 (over $100,000 in today’s dollars), and sentenced to one year in jail. His jail sentence was later overturned on appeal.

Soon after, he joined the Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation (CTR) in 1914 as General Manager and after the appeal was promoted to the position of President in 1915. In 1924 he renamed the company International Business Machines (IBM) and worked to transform the company into the household word it is today. In 1937 he became the president of the International Chamber of Commerce and passed away in 1956 at the age of 82.

A career altering event, such as a job loss, hefty fine, or jail time would certainly cause many folks to withdraw into obscurity. As you are faced with disappointments and rejections in your career, take some time to evaluate your goals and then formulate alternate paths to achieve them. You can’t win the lottery if you don’t by a ticket. Curriculum Vitae 1987 - 1988 Graduate School Rejections Joint Institute for the Advancement of Flight Sciences
Hampton, VA The George Washington University at
NASA Langley Research Center Department of Aerospace Engineering
State College, PA The Pennsylvania State University The Pennsylvania State University Department of Chemistry
State College, PA 1987 - 1988 Graduate School Acceptances University of Pittsburgh Department of Chemistry
Pittsburgh, PA The Ohio State University* Department of Chemistry
Columbus, OH *Entered Program 1988 1991 - 1993 Job Search Rejections after Ph.D. 3M Corporation Research and Technology
Des Plaines, IL St. Paul, MN Abbott Laboratories Abbott Park, IL Advanced Micro Devices Sunnyvale, CA The Aerospace Corporation Los Angeles, CA Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Allentown, PA Aldrich Chemical Company, Inc. Milwaukee, WI Allied-Signal Aerospace Company Aerospace Technology Center
Columbia, MD Allied-Signal Aerospace Company AiResearch Los Angeles Division
Torrance, CA Allied-Signal Bendix Guidance Systems Division
Teterboro, NJ Allied Signal, Inc.

Holmdel, NJ American Cyanamid Company Wayne, NJ Amoco Research Center Naperville, IL Analytic Services, Inc. Arlington, VA Analog Devices, Inc. Norwood, MA ANALOGIC Corporation Wakefield, MA Applied Research Laboratories Austin, TX Aristech Chemical Corporation Pittsburgh, PA Applied Research Laboratories University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX ARC Professional Services Group Rockville, MD ARCO Oil and Gas Company Dallas, TX Argonne National Laboratory Argonne, IL ARINC Incorporated Annapolis, MD ARMCO, Inc. Middletown, OH AT&T Morristown, NJ AT&T Bell Laboratories

Triangle Park, NC BASF Corporation Parsippany, NJ Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories
Richland, WA McLean, VA Columbia, MD Piscataway, NJ Bozeman, MT Seattle, WA Lancaster, PA Fishers, NY BDM International, Inc. Bendix Field Engineering Corporation Bell Communications Research Big Sky Laser Corporation The Boeing Company Burle Industries, Inc. Burleigh Instruments, Inc. Burroughs Wellcome Company

Hialeah, FL Center for Naval Analysis (CNA) Alexandria, VA Chevron Corporation San Francisco, CA The Clorox Company Oakland, CA Computer Sciences Corporation Falls Church, VA COMSAT Laboratories Clarksburg, MD Corning Incorporated Corning, NY Coulter Electronics, Inc.

Huntsville, AL Data Translation Marlboro, MA Digital Equipment Corporation Manard, MA The Dow Chemical Company* Midland, MI *On-site interview Dynetics, Inc.

Garland Division
Dallas, TX Eastman Kodak Company Rochester, NY E.I. duPont de Nemours & Co., Inc. Wilmington, DE Eli Lilly Company Indianapolis, IN E-Systems

Waltham, MA General Atomics San Diego, CA GEO-CENTERS, Inc. Ft. Washington, MD W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. Newark, DE Grumman Corporation Bethpage, NY GTE Laboratories

Malibu, CA Harris Corporation Melbourne, FL Hercules Incorporated Wilmington, DE Hewlett Packard Microwave Semiconductor Division
Optical Communication Division
Optoelectronics Division
Components Group
San Jose, CA Honeywell, Inc. Minneapolis, MN HRB Systems State College, PA Hughes Aircraft Company

Annapolis, MD ICF International, Incorporated Fairfax, VA ICI Americas, Inc. Wilmington, DE Intel Corporation Folsom, CA Intergraph Corporation Huntsville, AL Intermetrics, Inc. Warminster, PA International Business Machines Corporation White Plains, NY ITT Research Institute while (!(succeed = try()));

Missles Division
Dallas, TX Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Livermore, CA Laser Diode, Inc. Edison, NJ Lincoln Laboratory Lexington, MA Lockheed Missiles & Space Company Sunnyvale, CA Lockheed Sanders, Inc. Nashua, NH Locus, Inc. State College, PA LTV Aerospace and Defense Company

Schaumburg, IL Martin Marietta Corporation Advanced Development & Technology Operations
Baltimore, MD McDonnel Douglas Electronics Systems Corporation
Hazelwood, MO Microsoft Corporation Redmond, WA Motorola, Inc.

Electronic Systems Division
Norwood, MA National Aeronautics and Space Administration Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD National Security Agency Fort Meade, MD Naval Air Development Center Warminster, PA Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren, VA NEC Electronics, Inc. Mountian View, CA New England Telephone
A NYNEX Company Boston, MA Nicolet Instrument Company* Madison, WI *Phone Interview Northrop Corporation

Miami Valley Laboratories
Cincinnati, OH Philips Laboratories Briarcliff Manor, NY Phillips Petroleum Company Bartlesville, OK Princeton Instruments, Inc. Trenton, NJ The Procter & Gamble Company

Long Island City, NY Radian Corporation Austin, TX The RAND Corporation Santa Monica, CA Raychem Corporation Meno Park , CA Rockwell International Corporation Seal Beach, CA L.B. Russell Chemicals

Dayton, OH Sandia National Laboratories Albuquerque, NM Syracuse Research Corporation Syracuse, NY Siemens Medical Systems, Inc. Iselin, NJ Silicon Systems Tustin, CA SmithKline Beecham Philadelphia, PA SRA Corporation North Arlington, VA SUN Microsystems Mountian View, CA Systems Research Laboratories, Inc.

Dallas, TX The Analytic Science Corporation (TASC) Reading, MA Teledyne Brown Engineering Huntsville, AL TEXACO Inc. Houston, TX Texas Instruments Incorporated

Rochester, NY United Technologies Research Center East Hartford, CT University of Dayton Research Institute Dayton, OH Varian Associates Palo Alto, CA Vitro Corporation Silver Spring, MD The Williamsburg Group, Inc. East Brunswick, NJ Xerox Corporation 1991 - 1993 Job Offers after Ph.D. *Accepted Position 1993 The Boeing Company Seattle, WA Description: Develop gas detection sensors for International Space Station assembly building Systems Research Laboratories, Inc.* Dayton, OH Description: Duties: Duties: Onsite contractor at NASA John F. Kennedy Space Flight Center, Cocoa Beach, FL Onsite contractor at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH Apply ultrafast laser spectroscopy to the development and deployment of advanced turbine-engine combustion and aviation-fuel diagnostics Innovative Scientific Solutions, Inc.* Dayton, OH Description: Commercial Product Development and Contract Researcher for U.S. Air Force, Being, Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, NASA Glenn, NASA Ames, The Ford Motor Company, and Visteon Corporation Duties: Responsible for design and development of commercial data-acquisition and -analysis systems for emerging optical diagnostics including Two-Color Particla Image Velocimetry (TCPIV), Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV), Pressure-Sensitive Paint (PSP) and Strain-Sensitive Skin (S3) *Accepted Position 1996 Analytical Chemist Research Chemist Analytical Chemist 1998 - 1999 Academic Position Search Rejections

Chemistry Department
Scranton, PA Chemistry Department
East Stroudsburg, PA East Stroudsburg University La Salle University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Philadelphia, PA Lebanon Valley College Department of Chemistry
Annville, PA University of Scranton 1998 - 1999 Academic Position Offers *Accepted Position 1999 Assistant Professor
La Salle University* Integrated Science, Business, and Technology Program
Philadelphia, PA 1999 - Present Publication & Presentation Rejections Weaver, W.L.; Timmerman, M.W.; Jones, N.L. "Development of a Virtual Control Room Laboratory for the Department of Integrated Science, Business, and Technology", Open 2013, NCIIA 17th Annual Conference, March 22-23, 2013 Washington, D.C. (not accepted)

Handal, J.; Weaver, W.L.; Frisch, R.; Williams, E.A.; DiMatteo, D.O. "Physical Analysis of Seven Drug-Bone Cement Composites," North American Spine Society, 22nd Annual Meeting, October 23-27, 2007 Austin, TX. (not accepted).

Weaver, W.L.; Timmerman, M.W.; Jones, N.L. "A Systematic Framework for Interdisciplinary Education," Journal of College Science Teaching, 2006. (not accepted).

Weaver, W.L."A Virtual Control Room for Production and Operations Management Education," National Instruments NIWeek 2005, August 16-18, 2005, Austin, TX. (not accepted). Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving Serial Innovators gather information from a number of perspectives and then integrate across those multiple domains to understand completely. They speak of thinking holistically to “connect the dots,” the specific pieces of information associated with understanding the problem. But, in order to connect them, they first must “find the dots.” The task at hand is all about discovery. In their form of discovering, the real challenge is to view the problem from multiple perspectives, or domains. They think from the technical, customer, market, and competitive perspectives, melding information from each into an overall, holistic understanding of the problem and the various contexts in which it resides. Problems are viewed as more than technical or engineering challenges--they are multifaceted systems. Serial Innovator - http://www.sup.org/book.cgi?id=18763
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