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The Holocaust

No description

Andris Montero

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of The Holocaust

The Holocaust
The Causes...
Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation
Wrote "Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences" also called " The 95 Theses"
Germany was defeated in World War I
Nazis used " The Jews are our Misfortune" propaganda to anger citizens.
Nazis won election, turning Germany into a dictatorship overnight
The Gestapo was given freedom to arrest anyone after February 28 1934
By the end of 1934 Hitler had complete power and anit-Jew campaign in full swing
Life inside the Concentration Camps...
Dehumanizing all who entered the camp.
The brutality enforced by the Commanders and 'Kapos'.
Forced to live like animals.
Waking up very early.
Standing still for various hours in all kinds of weather for roll call.
No privacy (Ex: 2000 prisoners to share toilet facilities.)
Unsanitary living conditions. (Many prisoners contracted dysentery while living in the camps.)
Small portions of meals.
Heavy manual labor.
Nazi doctors performed medical experiments.
Force labor camps prisoners died from exhaustion, starvation, and exposure.
The largest extermination camp : Auschwitz
Killing Centers Include: Gas in mobile vans, gas chambers, crematoriums, and shot down.
Non-Jewish Victims...
There were 5 million non-Jewish Victims out of the 11 million total victims.( the other 6 million were Jewish)
Polish citizens, Gypsies ,homosexual, and other non Aryan races were chosen by Hitler and the Nazi party as inferior.
These victims were gassed, starve to death, shot ,sterilized and experimented on.
Nazi identified homosexuals by making them wear pink triangles
Homosexual were humiliated and tortured to death.
Gypsies were mostly gassed, but a good number were executed by the firing squad with their graves already pre-dug.
Survivor Interview
What was the Holocaust?
The German

Yesette Terrazas
Sam Snipes
Andrea Rivera
Andris Montero
ENGL 1302
1933 -- 1945

The murder of about 11 million people, 6 million being Jewish people.
Who killed them? The Nazis, whom were lead by Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler was elected Chancellor in 1933, soon after that he began his mission of creating his "pure" German race.
No Jews, No Gypsies, No Romanians, No homosexuals, No handicapped, and No mentally ill people.
While he preferred only people blonde hair, blue eyed. (note that Adolf Hitler himself was neither.)
Number of Deaths...
What was the Holocaust...
Brought to camps by cattle trains
Families were separated
Concentration Camps vs Death camps
Being worked to death vs Going straight to death
Major causes of death
To give you an even better idea about how people lived, struggled, died or possibly even survived during The Holocaust.
The Causes...
Jews where accused of weakening German's economy and culture
The government created racial anti-semitism
Germans used Charles Darwin evolutionary theory to justify their treatment of Jews. Calling themselves the strongest and fittest.
Saw Jews as doomed to extinction
Nuremberg Laws, enacted September 15, 1935, excluded Jewish people from German society
5,000 to 15,000 Homosexuals
80,000 to 200,000 Freemasons
250,000 to 500,000 Gypsies
275,000 disabled citizens
3 million polish citizens (catholic & christians)
other groups such as Slavic people, common criminals, priest and more were also targeted.
Homosexual victims wearing pink triangles
Disabled Victims
Video of Morris Kornberg describing the arrival at Auschwitz
"Five ovens, the bottom completely covered with smoldering vertebrae and ashes
... a warehouse overflowing with shoes, its length was seventy steps and width
was forty. There were shoes up to the ceiling. There were many children’s shoes.
They poured corpses like potatoes out of the trucks into the ditch. They fertilized
fields with human ashes, walking like ploughmen and sowing ashes out of bags.
This fertilizer stunk and contained small bits of human bones. When it rained,
the fertilizer turned red. The Nazis gave menstruating women a special powder,
Seletra, so that abscesses appeared on their bodies. From May 1944, the Germans
gassed only Jews, whereas before they had sent only weak prisoners to the gas
EccoBooks. Media. "Clara Kramer: Holocaust survivor and author of CLARA'S WAR"
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