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Science Assignment: renewable resources

a presentation on solar wind and nuclear energy

Kelsie hall

on 30 November 2010

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Transcript of Science Assignment: renewable resources

This assignment’s first part is on renewable energy from wind and water wind energy: how it works Wind turbines are spun (by wind) which is caused by uneven heating of the earth’s atmosphere by the sun, the irregularities or mountains/valleys and rotation of the earth. Science Assignment: Renewable Recourses Wind power is changed to electricity through: Magnets move past the stator, which are stationary coils of wire.
This creates AC electricity; this is then converted to DC electricity
Which gives power to a generator or...
Is then stored in batteries or fed in the power grid.
social environmental and ethical issues: wind power can be relied upon for the future because it is a renewable and claen energy source.
it is polution free so it creats no carbon emissons or green house gasses or radioactive/toxic waste
it creats energy without using fossil fuels therefor it is reliable.
socally people aprove of wind power although some find it insightly and some are to large to be put near large cities. HYDROPOWER All hydropower plants use kinetic energy as their source
This kinetic energy is created by the water flowing down stream.
This energy is fed into a electricity grid and is used by homes, businesses and other industries.

WIND social, ethical and environmental issues: There are not many social issues with this form of energy because the use of hydro power has been around since BCE (before current era)
Any social problems would be about look and space taken up by hydro plants, but they do create excellent spots for fishing boating and swimming.
Environmentally this is a renewable source and does not produce and green house gasses or pollutions.

NUCLEAR ENERGY How it works: It is a controlled reaction to split atoms of a nuclear cell. This cell is usually uranium or plutonium creating two new cells
On a large scale this split creates heat to boil water and produce steam. This in turn powers steam turbines which create kinetic energy this is put into a power grid.. Ice Harbor Dam on the lower Snake River But what happens when
something goes WRONG? thank you for listening
to my talk on
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