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GASKIN Carys. G324 Advanced Production. 1311. Aquinas College, 33435.

Carys Gaskin

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of MEDIA STUDIES - Planning.

Documentary - A television programme or film
presenting factual information on a
particular subject matter. Categories of documentaries: Investigative The presenter of the
documentary attempts
to answer a question.
e.g. Louis Theroux: Under
The Knife (2007, BBC) Shock Controversial subject matter or content.
e.g. Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004, dir. Michael Moore) Alternative Challenges a taboo or minority based subject.
e.g. A Place For Paedophiles (2009, BBC) Personality Documentary is driven by an established presenter.
e.g. An Inconvenient Truth (2006, dir. Davis Guggenheim) Fly On The Wall Camera observes action but is not involved.
e.g. March Of The Penguins (2005, dir. Luc Jacquet) Mockumentary Parodies documentary techniques for humour.
e.g. Spinal Tap (1984, dir. Rob Reiner) Documentary
techniques Sense of realism Shot types - POV, high angle, low angle, medium close up, over shoulder Factual information Archive footage used to show historical context/ anchor opinion with fact Possible bias - tells a 'particular truth' Answers a question or hypothesis Sound - voiceover narration, soundtrack, sound bridging between scenes Target demographic: 16 - 21 Predominantly female High school / college / university students Interested in fashion and social awareness 'Boys and Girls' - Pixie Lott (Written by Pixie Lott, Phil Thornalley, Mads Hauge, released 5th September 2009 by Mercury, purchased from iTunes) 'Great DJ' - The Ting Tings (Written by Jules de Martino and Katie White, released 3rd March 2008 by Columbia, purchased from iTunes) What we have learnt: SHOT TYPES Medium close up Medium shot Establishing shot Low angle EDITING Simple Straight cuts SETTING Uncomplicated backgrounds Establish location - city PRESENTER Suit audience - female, teenage "Star' quality Music as context Strong young female vocalists - shorthand for our audience PLANNING Preliminary task We conducted a preliminary task to gain experience with the video cameras and editing software. We interviewed each other using possessions we had with us at the time; such as make up, mp3 players and accessories to inspire lines of questioning.
After importing the footage into iMovie we edited it into a more conventional sequence. We used title screens to show the questions that were asked and later changed this to subtitles at the bottom of the screen. We also added transitions such as fade in, fade out and overlap to make the edits smoother and used effects such as fast motion and slow motion to engage the audience’s interest.
Aquinas College sign, side of building.
Aquinas College reception, front of building.
Aquinas College canteen.
Manchester – Arndale, shops, bars, buses etc. (archive footage – famous Manchester bands).
Students/subjects of documentary episode.
Interviews – Jodie and Bluebell in classroom, Regan in canteen, Sheena in front of bookcase.
Beth and Chloe getting ready at home.
Lucy presenting – staircase, library, bedroom.
Shot List
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