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The Mechanism Of Blood Clotting

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siti azryn

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of The Mechanism Of Blood Clotting

The Mechanism Of Blood Clotting
In the presence of
calcium ions
vitamin K
, thrombokinase converts protein
Thrombin , which is an enzyme , catalyses the conversion of the soluble protein
to the
insoluble fibrin
Clotting Factor
Calcium Ions
Blood clotting is initiated by the released of
clotting factors
from damaged cells, and by the exposure of blood to
collagen fibres
of the damaged blood vessel wall.
How Blood Clotting Takes Place
Damaged blood vessels, tissues or blood platelets releases an enzyme called thrombokinase (thromboplastin)
Fibrin, which is a fibrous protein, forms a meshwork of fibres over the wound trapping red blood cells and seals the wound
The trapped cells dry and harden forming a protective scab which closes the wound and stops further blood loss
let's watch a video
Our group totally agree to choose Prezi because Prezi is much better than Microsoft PowerPoint. Prezi has more unique and interesting functions such as templates and features. Besides, the animations created by Prezi are much interesting thus inhibits our interest in the subject we learnt. Compared to Microsoft Powerpoint, Prezi is all the way better for it is more trendy while Microsoft Powerpoint is likely out-dated and too formal.


Abdul Raffar Bin Abdul Razak A1301289
Aida Natasha Binti Azizan A1300049
Dayang Siti Amira Binti Abg Husaini A1300196
Drusilla Wendy Anak Yusof Bajai A1300204
Lawrence Lembang Anak Geripin A1300382
Nur Syafiqah Binti Nasir A1300892
Nurul Zulaikha Binti Alias A1301041
Siti Noor Azreen Binti Azli A1301140
Wan Nur Aqilahanis Binti Wan Roslan A1301257
Patricesia Sylvia Martin A1301104



Saved on the computer
Possibility of compatibility issues
Content delivery : Linearity
Powerful customization
Traditional iconic customizable

Microsoft Power Point


Based on your observation while doing this lab session, what are the advantages and disadvantages or the differences between Microsoft Powerpoint and Prezi presentation? Which one is better to create presentation slide?
Please justify your answer?
Saved on the web
Vulnerable to network problems
Content delivery : Dive in for close details & zoom out for the big pictures
Simple easy to learn interface but limited option
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