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LeBron James

No description

Sovere Torrence

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of LeBron James

LeBron James
By:Sovere Torrence
About LeBron James
LeBron James was born on December 30,1984. He was born Akron,Ohio. His wife's name is Savannah Brinson. He has two children named Bryce Maximus James and LeBron James, Jr. He's still alive to this day.
Three Facts I Have Learned
LeBron James has won MVP 3 times in a row.
LeBron James won the USA male athelete of the year in 2012.
LeBron James was an all-star leading scorer.

How are LeBron and I alike?
Lebron and I both like basketball and like to dunk.We have the same drive move and how to do the pro step.
How Can We Make Society Better
We can make society better by building more parks in county.
We can build basketball goals behind stores.
It will improve society because where ever you go you will see basketball goals.
We can start a camp about LeBron James.
Additional Facts
LeBron James is 6 feet 8in tall.
They call him King James.
He went to St.Vincent - St.Mary.
He came straight out of High School to play for the NBA.
Thank You For Your Time
Is there any questions? If so ask now.Thank you!!!!!!
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