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Realistic vs. Historical Fiction

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Julianne Ficco

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of Realistic vs. Historical Fiction

What is Realistic Fiction?
Realistic vs. Historical Fiction
When the setting, characters and events in the story are plausible and reflect contemporary places, people, and situations
What is Historical Fiction?
When the story brings together historical fact and imagination.
How are these two genres alike?
Both genres have:
normal human characters
the events in the story could happen
they reflect real life
both are imaginary and fictional
both have normal human events
What makes these two genres different?
Realistic fiction vs. Historical Fiction
Portrays the realities of life so children can gain a more in-depth understanding of human problems and relationships
It helps children understand that their problems are not unique and that they are not alone
Provides a literary framework for people to see their potential and gives the reader the ability to make improvements to their own lives and the lives of others
Portrays life as it was once lived
Helps children understand that the present and future are linked to actions that had happened in the past
Helps children realize that they are not just outsiders looking in on great historical events but helps them appreciate that everyone plays a role in shaping history. This gives them a sense of worthiness
Realistic Fiction reflects life as it could be today. It could happen to real people in our real world and at real places. BUT REMEMBER, the characters and settings were created in the authors mind!
like celebrating birthdays...
or riding a bike...
Historical fiction reflects life as it was in the past. The events could have happened to real people in the past and some of the characters could be real people from the past.
an old record player...
or the Civil War...
George Washington...
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