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Greek Architecture

No description

gs students

on 17 April 2016

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Transcript of Greek Architecture

One of the many things that are interesting about greeks is their architecture in the Golden Age. Architecture in Greece was very specific and it influenced some of today's building with columns (Otherwise known as the post to lintel system). They also had quite a variety of buildings which also influenced today's construction habits.
Famous Build's
Greece has many famous temples. One of the most famous one's are , Parthenon. Found in Acropolis is one very big tourist attraction. Now back to the others. Most famous temples are named after the greek god , Zeus.
Building Material's
In architecture comes building materials. The greeks used columns such as the one I showed you back in box one. That was a Doric column. There are Doric , Ionic Corinthian
Fun Fact
Today , most buildings have columns like the white house. The white house has doric columns.
In Conclusion I would like to say that the greeks were one of the most sophisticated civilizations out there and they had some of the best construction techniques ive ever seen.
Greek Architecture
by Brandon Hale
Column ---->
Greek's Building Variety
As I mentioned earlier , the greeks built a large variety of buildings. Besides homes and markets they had quite a knack for building temples and theatres. Heres a full list : Temples , Gymnasia's (that's the real term) , Stoas , Stadiums , and Assembly Hall's.
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