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Antoni Gaudi

A prezi describing Gaudi's life, the world he lived in , the genre he contributed to, and examples of his artwork.

Rachel Lightfoot

on 21 May 2012

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Transcript of Antoni Gaudi


By: Rachel Lightfoot
His Bio.- childhood...
His Bio. - education...
What went on...
Genre he contributed
His works...
many projects during his life time
mainly contributed architecturally
works include
-El Capricho de Comillas NEW
-Casa Calvet
-Vic Lamp-posts
-Palacio Episcopal de Astorga
-Cooperativa La Obrera Mataronense
-Lampposts for the City of Barcelona
-College of the Teresians
-Sagrada Familia School
-Casa Vicens
-Finca Güell
-Casa Botines
-Crypt of the Church of the Colonia Güell
-Palau Güell
-Finca Miralles
-Casa Batlló
-Park Güell
-Casa Milà, "La Pedrera"
-Sagrada Família
born June 25, 1852, died June 10 1926
son of a coppersmith
had 4 siblings
mother died when he was an infant
grew up in spain
baptized a day after brith
Roman Catholic
His Bio.- extra...
His inspiration..

difficult, quarrelsome
health problem
intellectual growth was substantial
excellent grades
uncommonly keen vision
enlisted into military
one of the singular most famous architects in 19th and 20th century
youngest of siblings
first to leave tradition of family work line
religious nature
observing animals, plants, and forms in nature
midieval books
gothic style art
“ornament [is] the origin of architecture.”
other architectural artists
at age 11 he entered the Collegi de les Escoles Píes
College of Science
Upper Technical School of Architecture
mailnly studied philosophy, architecture, and religion
received his Architectural
degree in 1878
Art Nouveau -Modernism
decorative style in use after WWI
inspiration from nature
every skill is naturally integrated through architecture
Asymmetrical shapes
Extensive use of arches and curved forms
Curved glass
Curving, plant-like embellishments
Stained glass
buildings with colored tiles arranged in mosaic patterns.
nature was reflected by the use of
curved construction stones, twisted
iron sculptures
organic-like forms
soft fluid froms
biomorphic forms from which it spirals( A type of abstract art which makes used of forms reminiscent of, but not necessarily drawn from, the shapes of living things.)into an artistic collage
subject to a lot of criticism because of his unique style
HIs style...
his art was based on a collage of thougts, feelings, and moods
his goal- pushing the boundaries of what was possible to achieve as an architect and create buildings that are unique
nicknamed "God's Architect"
Gaudi remained faithful to the principle that to be original requires the artist to revisit thier orugins
modernism - movement that influenced Gaudi to find his own way
A little extra...
not a lot
Catalan History
Gothic architecture
french avantgarde movements
My culinary creation...
jello trifle-
colored like the exterior of Casa Batllo
layered, tall like building
jello- represents mosaics
roof - pine cone shaped tops of cross- whip cream
sprinkles-for more mosaics on roof
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