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Mars Travelogue

English Project

Caroline Karson

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Mars Travelogue

Some must-see sites that tourists should know are: Martian Village, Main Square, and Red Rock. Here you will find hotels, shops, and entertainment that will fulfill your every need.
Have you ever wondered how planets other than Earth look? Have you ever been curious to see what other planets look like? Rocket Airlines provides transportation for you and your family to go to Mars! Come visit the reddest planet in the universe and enjoy an experience of your lifetime. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and enjoy the journey!
When on Mars, you will notice that the climate is very unpredictable. Some days, it will feel as if it’s about to snow, with temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit; on other days, you will experience a hot summer day, with temperatures rising above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
Are you concerned that you will not know how to communicate with the Martians? Don’t worry, most people who live on Mars speak the same English, Spanish, and Chinese languages that we speak on Earth. These days, there are few who speak Martian because they have adopted the business languages of the universe. However there are classes for tourists to learn basic words in Martian! On Mars, everyone is so friendly that you are certain to adjust while having a great vacation.
Then, visit Mars Farm, where you can see the three-horned cow. Finish your evening relaxing at one of Main Square’s most popular swimming pools. There are limitless activities that can be enjoyed, while on your Mars vacation.
My Mars Travelogue
Mars is a perfect vacation destination for your family. Enjoy the hot and cold temperatures each day, eating unique homegrown foods, beautiful scenery, and the local hospitality each day. This is all waiting for you on Mars!
Thanks for Watching! :)
The land on Mars is very similar to Earth. There are beautiful, red, rocky mountains, crystal-clear rivers and streams, and breathtaking landscapes. When you visit Mars, you should expect the unexpected!
Throughout Mars, there are also smaller villages where you can interact with the locals to experience their daily lives. You are always welcome on Mars!
When visiting Mars, be sure to make time to see some of the most popular places. Start your vacation touring the major cities. Next, visit the Museum of Landmarks, to get a glimpse of history. Then, surround yourself with nature at the Mars Garden, where you will see beautiful local cherry blossoms, trees, and vegetation that we don’t have on Earth. Mars is famous for their own local produce, but they also have the onions, carrots, and radishes that we have on Earth. Feel free to pick a few treats along the way.
By: Caroline Karson
Period 6
Ms. Moore English
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