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Vision and Community Change Project

No description

Steve Samuel

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Vision and Community Change Project

Healthy Community Fair Vision Stewardship Development of the Vision
Foundation- Why and How

Staff will compile attributes of their "model" school in groups.
Each group will add an attribute going around the room until the consensus is that we have a complete list.
The attributes will be categorized
List will be compiled and distributed to staff via email Meeting #2: Cardstorming Meeting #1: What is a Vision Meeting #3 : Writing and Editing Staff will be grouped using attributes from last meeting.
Each group will draft a vision for that category Students, Teachers, Parents, Community.
Groups will rotate and edit until all stakeholders have had an opportunity for input.
The vision will be compiled and sent to staff via email Meeting #4: Read Vision The meeting time will be reserved for each staff member to read the vision on their own Meeting #5: Unveil and Get Input Unveil Vision at Community Fair
Solicit input from Parents and Community
Copies available in different languages etc. Meeting #6: Finalize Community members, Students, Parents, and Staff collaborate to complete the vision.
Final Revisions Meeting #7: Celebration Data: This is BDNGC Celebrate with all stakeholders
Present Vision to Community, Parents, Students and Staff
Food Whole Child Academies Volunteerism Partnerships Class Projects Cafeteria Study Table ENL PTO Academy Job Fair Class Projects Academy Job Fair Project Development Authentic Audience Team Teaching Internships Welcome to your school! Principals Highlight Weekly Email Healthy Community Fair Data Analysis:
Common Assessments
Core Vocabulary "Thanks For"...."Now I need" Today's educational practice and policy focuses overwhelmingly on academic achievement. This achievement, however, is but one element of student learning and development and only a part of any complete system of educational accountability. Communities, schools, and teachers must all support the development of a child who is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. ASCD's whole child initiative advocates a comprehensive approach to learning and teaching. We recognize that successful young people must be not only knowledgeable when they graduate from school, but also emotionally and physically healthy, civically engaged, responsible, and caring. We believe every child deserves a 21st century education that fully prepares him or her for college, work, and citizenship.
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