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iLearnNYC Open House 2013 Overview

This presentation (or parts of it) can be used for school-based PD or staff meetings. It provides an overview, enrollment and log-in process, and classroom and school models.

iZone Office

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of iLearnNYC Open House 2013 Overview

Self-Directed Student Learning through news messages Student Choice in Pace and Content Rigorous and Varied Assessment Flexible, project-based classroom environments What are some of the ways iLearnNYC is being leveraged in schools? What is iLearnNYC? What does iLearnNYC offer schools? iZone offers a dedicated Help Desk 24/7 to provide support to Admins, Teachers, and Students on any issues that may impact the iLearnNYC program, including hardware, network connectivity and managing the Learning Environment. 24/7 Technical Support The IM will help ensure successful implementation with personalized professional development and on-site consultation. Implementation Manager (IM) iLearnNYC platform provides a single-sign-on portal for students to access their online coursework anytime, anywhere. The Administrative Console allows you to program courses, and is aligned with DOE data systems. Efficient Systems Our monthly cohort meetings include regular professional development and the opportunity to learn from like-minded schools. Collaboration iLearnNYC (per license/per student)

For $25, you can offer a student an entire catalog of online courses, rich media content from Discovery Education, NBCLearn and Gale, and the iLearnNYC learning environment. Affordable Pricing iLearnNYC provides schools with professional development based on individual school need assuring school leaders, teachers and staff are equipped to effectively use online and blended learning to increase student achievement. Professional Development What are some models of blended learning? Today's Agenda • Overview of iLearnNYC
• Principal Welcome
Implementation Model
Introduction to classroom visits
• Classroom Visits/Teacher Panel
• Application Process
• Question & Answer
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