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Review: Counter Story-telling

No description

Sheri Gabrielsson

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of Review: Counter Story-telling

"Single Story":
What is a "single story"?
What are the dangers of single stories?
What are some examples of single stories & how are they dangerous?
What is the difference between majoritarian vs. marginalized groups?
Majoritarian vs. Marginalized
Counter-Stories &
Social Justice
Single Story?
Counter-stories can expose, analyze, and thus challenge commonly held beliefs, stereotypes, and characterizations of marginalized groups.
What powers and privileges do members of the majoritarian group possess?
What disadvantages and challenges do members of marginalized groups have to face?
What is a counter-story?
Why are counter-stories important?
What is the relationship between majoritarian and marginalized groups? (How does one affect the other?)
How can we avoid creating a new "single story" and instead, truly present a genuine counter-story?
Read through the letter provided.
In groups, determine why this would be an example of a "single story."
Now, brainstorm other possible counter arguments (challenges) against and/or questions about the letter's claims.
Discuss: whose counter-stories could be discovered and presented to counter the single story the letter presents?
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