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Blind Baseball Pro Needs Your Help

No description

Susie Richetti

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of Blind Baseball Pro Needs Your Help

Not losing sight of everything
Bill has decided to pursue finding a way to contribute back to professional baseball now that he is fully-retired. His years as a player, a teamamate, a coach, and a braodcaster and his 23+ years clean and sober have well prepared him to offer positive and unique contributions in player development. But relocating from Orlando is not easy for a blind man on such a fixed income.
Like many players who retired before 1981, Bill receives no pension from Major League Baseball. Like many retired seniors today, he relies solely on social security income to make ends meet.

This is where a new team effort is needed for Bill's next success story.
Bill needs our help!
We created this GOFUNDME campaign!
We working to raise the $10,000 Bill needs for travel and expenses. We hope to have him there by New Years!

While Bill can manage his monthly expenses on his fixed social security stipend, he needs help to get to L.A.. Once there, he will be interviewing for a role in player development with a Major League team.

How can you help Bill?
Share his link with friends and family!
Help us get it all over social media!
Make an affordable donation to this campaign and encourage others to do the same.
Every donation helps!
Please pitch-in for a home run!
Together we can knock it out of the park for Bill's success!
During his professional career Bill received 57 cortisone shots in just 26 months. Though it may not have been known at the time, receiving more than 10 cortisone shots in a lifetime, can severely damage the corneas of the eyes.

Bill began to experience vision problems when he was in his sixties and his vision got quickly worse until he became legally blind.

A small group of his friends created a goal to raise the $10,000 Bill needs to travel and relocate from Orlando, Florida to Los Angeles, California! But we can't do alone,
we need your help.

All funds raised will help with Bill immediate needs for travel and finding an appropriate residential situation to meet his needs in L.A.

Whether you're fan of Bill, or just a fan of baseball- you can help, too! Help us move Bill to L.A. where he can pursue his dream of sharing his learning and expereinces with a new generation of professional players and staff members.

He played for Manager Ted Williams of the Washington Senators, than later he was traded to the Detroit Tigers and played for manager Billy Martin.

Bill was a pitching coach for the Red Sox, and tutored Roger Clemens.

Years later he coached Jeff Bagwell during his college ball career.

From 1965-1973 Bill Denehy was a professional baseball player. In May 1967, Bill injured his arm striking out Willie Mays in a Mets Vs Giants game.

The team doctor for New York prescribed Denehy a few cortisone shots. Like most pro athletes, Bill relied on team doctors to manage his health care and team managers to plan his future and retirement.

But, when Bill was with the New York Mets for only 89 days,
one game before he eligible to receive a rookie $5000 bonus,
he was sent down to the minor leagues.
In November that year, he was traded to the Washington Senators, thus becoming the first player in MLB history traded for a manager- who happen to be Gill Hodges.

Blind Baseball Bill
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