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No description

Peter Caroline

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of propaganda

This ad:
Endorses Barack Obama for president
Uses "poster" media
shows Transfer by using the American flag (patriotism) and shows Glittering Generalities by expressing the term "hope"
Targets general "Americans"
displays Obama's message that he hopes that he can improve America's current condition Person: Presidential candidate Barrack Obama.
Media Type: Poster
Propaganda: Name calling- Candidate Romney is pictured in an unprofessional or unappealing way. Card stacking- it uses a brief quote with no facts .
Target audience: Voters with children
Message: Romney stated that education can be paid for with money from parents, rather than effectively lowering costs. This ad:
Endorses Gatorade
was in a magazine
Uses Testimonial propaganda, it implies that Michael Jordan drinks Gatorade, and implies that if you use it , you will be Like Mike. It also shows Transfer propaganda, The solitary camera angle and facial expression while dunking implies that you will be a eccentric superstar when you drink Gatorade
Targets basketball fans, Michael Jordan fans, Chicago bulls fans, small children, and prospective NBA players
Sends a message saying "If you drink Gatorade, you will be able to dunk like Michael Jordan

This ad:
Endorses McDonald's
Is in the form of a sign
uses Bandwagon Propaganda, no one wants to be left out, especially left out of over 99 billion people
Targets hungry people, "voluptuous" people, basically anyone who wishes to eat
Sends a message saying "you should eat McDonald's delicious food because a lot of people enjoyed it

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