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Animal Farm by George Orwell

English 10 unit

Rebecca Kitzman

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Animal Farm by George Orwell

by George Orwell
Animal Farm
George Orwell writes an ALLEGORY about the Russian Revolution in the form of a FABLE.
Terms to Know:
Get ready for Revolution, Political and Social Uprisings, totalitarian governments, and destructive propaganda!
famous examples of

"Lord of the Flies"
"Aesop's Fables"
"Gulliver's Travels"
"Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
The allegory of "Animal Farm"
Orwell's Ideas:
Human nature is corrupt

achieving a "classless society" through revolution is an impossible dream

a revolution can overthrow a totalitarian regime only to be replaced by a system just as evil!
Each animal represents a figure of the Russian Revolution.
Russian Revolution Overview
Czar Nicholas was a bad leader and represented a TOTALITARIAN government.

The Bolsheviks overthrew him and replaced his regime with a communist (or "all are equal") government.

But, all were not equal... the leaders of the communist party began fighting. Lenin (a good leader) died and Stalin (a brutal oppressor) took over.

Orwell: true equality cannot be achieved b/c humans are power-hungry.
What to expect from this unit:
Orwell's background and his literary style
Background of the Russian Revolution
Discussion of key ideas such as: propoganda, equality, totalitarianism
Working on literary skills such as sentence structure, Point of View, Organizational patterns, and recognizing the author's main idea.
: A story in which characters stand for abstract ideas
: A literary form in which animal figures are used to teach a lesson about humans
: A literary genre that uses irony and ridicule to denounce vice and folly. "Makes fun of serious human actions"
Leon Trotsky: one of the original leaders of the revolution that overthrew the Czar of Russia. Eventually, he was pushed out of the new Communist regime by Joseph Stalin.
Take Notes from the following videos...
Terms Continued
: "sarcasm" or an unexpected plot twist

: One person has TOTAL control of the country

: "The People" attempt to overthrow the government to create CHANGE

:BIASED advertising/information that is meant to persuade or mislead the audience
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