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Nursing Informatics, an introduction...

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Crystal Rojas

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of Nursing Informatics, an introduction...

What is Nursing Informatics?
Foundation of Knowledge Model
Nurses are Knowledge workers
We work with information and generating information and knowledge as a product.

*We are knowledge acquirers
providing convenient and efficient
means of capturing and s
toring knowledge.

*We are knowledge users
individuals or groups who benefit
from valuable, viable knowledge.

*Nurses are knowledge engineers
designing, developing, implementing and maintaining knowledge.

Nursing Science
Focus of nursing is on the human responses to actual or potential health problems, and advocacy for various clients.

Nurses must possess:

*the technical skills to manage equipment and perform procedures

*interpersonal skills to interact appropriately with people

*cognitive skills to observe, recognize and collect data, analyze and interpret data and reach a reasonable conclusion that forms the basis of a decision.

Computer Science
Computer science offers extremely valuable tools that, if used skillfully, can facilitate the acquisition and manipulation of data and information by nurses, who can then synthesize these into an evolving knowledge and wisdom base.

Information Science
*Data Integrity and
quality are needed process
data into information
Clinical Information Systems
A CIS is a collection of applications, medical equip. & technologies working together dedicated to collecting, storing and manipulating healthcare data and information and providing secure access to interdisciplinary clinicians navigating the continuum of client care.
The first informatics nurse...
Florence Nightengale was considered by many to be our first. She meticulously gathered data relating death tolls in hospitals to cleanliness
Nursing Informatics
an introduction to the road ahead...
Nursing informatics is “a specialty that integrates nursing science, computer science and information science to manage and communicate data, information and knowledge in nursing practice to support, patients, nurses and other providers in their decision making in all roles and settings. Nursing informatics focuses on the structure of data and information and knowledge used by nurses in their practice” (ANA, 2001 p )

Organizing conceptual framework for text

Helps to explain the ties between nursing science and informatics and knowledge

Informatics is viewed as a tool for founding knowledge

The future of nursing science and nursing informatics is intimately associated with the nursing education and nursing research arenas.

Essentially, a computer is an electronic information-processing machine that serves as a tool to manipulate data and information.
guides nurse to solve human problems

information synthesized, answers why or how

: data + meaning

smallest component
discreet facts
Organizations are recognizing that their most precious asset is their information
We will learn from our data in
evidenced-based practice
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