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First Impressions: What does the singer look like?

A first week lesson on first impressions and racing to judgement.

Paula Gómez

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of First Impressions: What does the singer look like?

For this experiment,
you are going to write
a brief description of
the artist you hear based
on how they sound.
If you are more artistically
inclined, you can feel free
to do a quick sketch of the
artist instead.
I've even had kids write
descriptions of what they
think the artist would be
doing in the music video
for the song. Get creative,
people! It's a Language
Arts class!
Ready for the first one?

Here's the second one...
(And by the way, if you
don't understand what
they're saying, that's
okay. It's in Italian.)
And now to shift
gears a little bit
for the third one...
Numbers 4 and 5
are a little tougher.
See what you can
do with them.
And finally, #5...
So now the question
becomes, what do these
people actually
look like?
Guesses for #1?
So what did you
have for #2?
And on to
Now we're on
to the hard ones.
What did you have
for #4?
And finally, #5...
And now, for
the most
Why did we just spend all
that time doing this
experiment? Write your
ideas in the last space
on your paper.

Matisyahu is a Chasidic Jew from Brooklyn, New York. He has released 9 CD's of music that ranges from reggae to rock to hip-hop.
Cesare Bonizzi, also known as Fratello Metallo ("Father Metal"), is an Italian Capuchin Monk who has released several albums of heavy metal music.
Charley Pride is one of the few African American artists to succeed in the Country and Western genre. He has had 39 Number One hits on the Country charts.
Kimya Dawson performs as a solo act and also as half of the group The Moldy Peaches. She records rock, folk, and children's music.
Claudio Sanchez is the lead singer of the punk/hardcore/
progressive rock band Coheed and Cambria. He also writes comic books and sci-fi novels.
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