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Marketing to a non-BU community

Will Roberts

on 8 August 2012

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Transcript of SportBU

Marketing to a non-BU community How can sport BU market itself more effectively to the non-BU community? Company Analysis Loss of 89 non student members over a 3-year period Non BU community income Our Competitors SportBU SWOT Analysis SportBU's Advantage Unique facilities – Climbing Wall
Multi-purpose sports hall
Lower prices than all local competitors
Great location
Thriving sporting culture within University Varsity Sport Where we believe SportBU should be.. There should be a clear sales goal and a projected market share figures should be specified.

Sales Goals:
To increase the number of non-University members
Current number of members - 15.
Aim to increase number of members to 30-40.
Minimal market share of Bournemouth public, less than 1%
Market share to increase steadily with each year. Initial Ways to Market the Gym Increase awareness of the gym.
Promote the USP of value for money.
Open weekend, where the gym is open to non-members to come and try it
Promote unique facilities
Health checks and support for members
Weekend opening hours increased
Promotion initiatives – “bring a friend” etc. Recommendations
Number of children friendly facilities – Wall
Links with schools – Discounts
Opportunity to target parents
30 Minutes exercise 5 Days a week
Publicise opportunity to fulfill this at SportBU
Add-ons: Chiropractor + Physiotherapy options
Number of opportunities in Bournemouth
Buses, Train station
Around the university. SportBU brand not seen anywhere other than the Sports Hall.
Student accomodation, studland etc. Perfect opportunity approaching – new 3g pitches
External funding Large problem we identified
Keeping track of members
Keep in contact with all current members easily
Details of members visits, usage times etc
Easy to market to non-members: bring a friend days Remove paper filing system
Track member visits
Monitor peak times
Prevent non-members from using facilities without paying
Alternative hand card in to save cost To evaluate the knowledge level of the public a short questionnaire was carried out.
The questionnaire consisted of four short questions with a yes or no response. Awareness Question 1:
Did you know Bournemouth University has a full equipped gym with 2 studios for classes and a multi purpose sports hall open to public use? Question 2:
Did you know Bournemouth University has a rock climbing wall open to public use? Question 3:
Did you know Bournemouth University has sport pitches you could rent such as football pitches and 3G pitches that are currently in production? Question 4:
Would you be more inclined to enquire about using Bournemouth University gym now you are aware of these services they provide? Low awareness with in the Bournemouth Community.
No clear marketing campaign.
No clear sales goals. Where SportBU is currently School Partnerships Older Audience Brand Awareness Sponsorship Database Swipe Card System Price Facilities Lewis Cardew, George Soldinger, Ben Ellis, Duncan Davidson, Matt Wilson & William Roberts Thank you for listening...we welcome any questions you have
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