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No description

Danielle Saunders

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of multicellular/unicellular

Unicellular Multicellular An iPod shuffle is like one multicellular organism cell because it only has one function. All of the multicellular organism cells need to work together to function properly, just like getting all of your needs out of an iPod shuffle you would need different accessories (docking station, charger, computer, etc.) Unicellular A unicellular organism is an organism with only one cell rather than multiple. It can do most of the functions multicellular organism does, but only uses one cell.
In a unicellular organism it needs a nucleus (brain), cell membrane (skin), cytoplasm (blood), food vacuoles (stomach), pseudopod, contractile vacuole.
A unicellular organism uses diffusion and osmosis to get energy rather then the digestive system. They use diffusion to get oxygen into the cell. It also uses less energy to reproduce because it does it on its own, so it doesn't have to find a mate.
A unicellular organism has a shorter lifespan. Every cell it reproduces will be the exact same. They can't adapt because they are all the same. iPod Shuffle An iPod touch is like a unicellular organism because it has all the functions of a multicellular organism wrapped up into one cell. With the iPod touch you can take pictures, listen to music, watch videos, etc, where as a iPod shuffle only plays music like one multicellular organism cell can only do one thing. Multicellular Unicellular vs Multicellular Organisms A multicellular organism is an organism with multiple cells in it.
In a multicellular organism such as the human body there are critical organs it needs to survive. Some of these are the brain, stomach, heart, blood, lungs, skin, etc.
A multicellular organism has a longer lifespan than an unicellular organism and since it has multiple cells, it can perform more functions than a unicellular organism.They can do lots of other things that a unicellular organism can not because it has more cells to complete more jobs.
It uses more energy to find a mate. They need more food and oxygen to keep it alive. iPod Touch By: Alanah and Danielle :)
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