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Queen Elizabeth's Influence on Elizabethan fashion

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Sherie D.

on 3 July 2017

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Transcript of Queen Elizabeth's Influence on Elizabethan fashion

Elizabeth's influence on Fashion
rich gowns impress people
rich fabric, Jewels, conveyed incredible wealth power & prestige
accounts on the transactions with the fabric, material, how much, when, from who, were created for Elizabeth's wardrobe
people close (ladies in waiting) began to wear her old dresses, or other women tried to imitate her dresses
Women's clothes
(upper class)
smocks - long sleeve shirts, loose, worn
petticoats - goes under the skirt, helped the kirtle
hang evenly
Men's clothes
(Upper class)
hose - breeches (short pants) and stockings
doublet - jacket, shirts were always worn under
short cloaks worn by young men
often more attention grabbing
Background info
hand sewn
combination of other countries
nobles wore purple silk
ordinary people wore wool, some
velvet or lace
Elizabeth queen of England (Virgin queen)
7th Sept. 1533 - 24 Mar. 1603 (69)
17 Nov. 1558 - death
died of a sickness
5th and last monarch of tutor dynasty
daughter of Henry the VIII and Anne Boleyn
half sister Mary, became queen
put Elizabeth in prison for a year
became queen at 25
Queen Elizabeth's Influence on Elizabethan Fashion

Women's Clothes (upper class) cont.
kirtle - like a skirt
sleeves - often separate, pinned or tied
gown - goes over everything, extra warmth
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