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Literary Terms

5 Literary Terms. Mine are irony, allusion, alliteration, flashback, and personification.

Laura Calhoun

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of Literary Terms

~Literary Terms~ By: Laura(: Irony: The use of words to convey the opposite of what they actually mean. For Example... Billy is a mechanic. He fixes cars, trucks, limos you name it. He had just picked up the parts to fix an ambulance and was on his way to fix it. Then, he wrecks his car. They needed to send an ambulance to pick him up, but they couldn't
because all of the ambulances needed to be repaired. Ironic, huh? Allusion: A figure of speech that makes a reference to a person, place, event, or literary work either directly or indirectly. For Example: Keely's boyfriend Ben gives her chocolates one day. When she sees him later that day, she says "Ben, you're such a Romeo!" She made an allusion to Romeo and Juliet. P.S. Keely and Ben are NOT dating(: Hehe(: Flashback: An interjected scene in a literary work or movie that takes the story to a point in time before where the narrator is now. For Example: Kate is talking to her best friend Lily about last summer, when they were at the beach. Kate has a flashback when Lily brings up the time they built a huge sandcastle. http://www.freevector.com/pop-art-girl/ http://desertpeace.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/sand-castle.jpg Yay(: Alliteration: Use of the same consonant sound at the beginning of two or more words that are close to each other. For Example: Caleb cooks a carrot cake at Keely Caddell's cottage. See, they don't have to have the same letter, just the same sound. Easy as Pie. Personification: A product or inanimate object that's given human qualites. For Example: The wind whispers in the trees. I felt like the trees were watching me. http://bristolwood.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/the-trees-have-eyes-3small.jpg Trees can't actually watch you, so it's Personification! The End(: An example of a movie with a flashback is The Notebook. They flashback to when they were young http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NKsW37SxiY&feature=related http://bit.ly/m097f6 http://bit.ly/mNuWTp http://media.onsugar.com/files/2011/04/15/3/1547/15473760/image_24.jpg http://atlantatoyota.org/files/2011/02/valentines-chocolates-clipart1.jpg
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