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Scientific Inquiry: Developing & Conducting Investigations

TSW develop a grade level appropriate investigation with teacher assistance. TSW conduct a grade level appropriate investigation with teacher assistance.

Michael Goorsky

on 11 July 2016

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Transcript of Scientific Inquiry: Developing & Conducting Investigations

To set up an experiment, you need to start with a testable question, determine the variables, collect background information, and write a hypothesis. The three different kinds of variables include the independent variable, dependent variable, and control variable. The IV is changed by the scientist, the DV is measured, and the CV keeps the experiment fair.
I will collect data from this variable.
It is like the effect in cause and effect.
To find the IV, I can ask, "What am I measuring or looking for?"
Dependent Variable (D.V.)
Scientific Inquiry:
Developing & Conducting Investigations

A procedure or steps that scientists use to solve a problem or answer a question
Scientific Method
All experiments start with a question or problem

Does the (independent variable) affect the (dependent variable)?
Question or Problem
TSW develop and conduct a grade level appropriate investigation with assistance.
I can make changes to this variable.
This is the only thing that should be changed in an experiment.
It is like the cause in cause and effect.
To find the IV, I can ask, "What am I changing?"
Independent Variable (I.V.)
Background Information
An educated guess, or prediction
Should be written as an “If, Then, Because” statement.

If the _________ is __________ ,
(independent variable) (Increased/decreased)
then the ________ will __________
(dependent variable) (increase/decrease)
because ______________________.
Research done to assist in an experiment

keeps the experiment safe - understand materials
makes your experiment connect better to real life
helps you predict results
I will keep the experiment fair with this variable.
It will not change from trial to trial.
To find the Control Variables, I can ask, “What do I need to make each trial and test exactly the same?"
Control Variable (C.V.)
scientific method
testable question
independent variable
dependent variable
control variable
multiple trials
uses evidence from the experiment to prove/disprove the hypothesis
analyzes what happens in an experiment
What could you do if you had an "I wonder..." question?
qualitative data
quantitative data
triple beam balance
graduated cylinder
Metric System
"Write" an outloud summary of this page!
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