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Dylan Travis

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Biography The presidential years sources Andrew Jackson By Dylan T. Andrew Jackson was a president he was born
on March 15, 1776 at the waxhaws he died on
June 8, 1845 at Nashville Tennessee. His wife
was Rachel Jackson they had a son named Andrew
Jackson Jr. Andrew studied law at Salibury and
he was a lawyer, soldier, politician, farmer, and
storekeeper before he became president. He was
the 7th president, he worked for 2 terms and 8
years and the vice president was John c. Calhoun. When Jackson was president his wife died in
1828. Also when he was president native amar-
icans lost more and more land in the U.S.
Andrew gave government jobs. Jackson made
a law that all native americans had to leave there
land. Andrew disagreed with congress a lot and
he stopped new laws from passing with his
veta powers.

He left because He choose not to
run agen. He did not work after that because
he retired.He died of natural causes.

his parents
came from Ireland. Book title: Andrew Jackson
Author: Anne Wtsbacher
Publisher: ABDo
Place of Publication: Edina, Minnesuta
Copyright Year: 2002
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