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No description

Iyanla Smith

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Pneumonia

Humans get pneumonia by having a bad cough or bacteria/viruses are present in the body.
Pneumonia often goes through peoples or animals bodies,that was makes them sick.
Pneumonia came from Hippocrates.
We can catch pneumonia by touching infected objects or people.
Pneumonia is an old disease.
Pneumonia began in the 19th century.
Pneumonia looks like bronchitis, they are so small that they can only be seen under a microscope.
Pneumonia is caused by both virus and bacteria.
Pneumonia is carried mostly from animals.
The symptoms of pneumonia are: Cough,fever,chills,labored breathing,chest pain,increased heartbeat,headache,loss of appetite
Pneumonia was discovered by Moses Ben-Maimon and Theodor A. Edwin Klebs
It can be prevented by taking a medical vaccine, wash your hands at all times, and cough or sneeze in your elbow that way germs won't spread.
Pneumonia can be cured by doctors using antibiotics. You can die from pneumonia.
Pneumonia does respond to antibiotics.
There is a vaccination for pneumonia called:Pheumovax
We can prevent it by stop smoking,wash your hands,avoid people who are sick or infected
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