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Marketing presentation - Consumer buying behavior (McDonald's)

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Shereen El-Buy

on 28 July 2013

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Transcript of Marketing presentation - Consumer buying behavior (McDonald's)

Consumer Buying Behavior
About McDonald's

Presentation guideline: Consumer buying behavior in terms of:

Cultural factors
Social factors
Personal & Economic factors
Psychological factors

Personal & Economic Factors
McDonald’s targets almost all life stage categories from children, to teens, to adult. Each one of those categories are based on their own characteristics and needs:
Religious principles
Halal food in Islamic countries
No beef in India
Arab countries
Mac Arabia, spices
Western countries
Ham, bacon
Asian countries
Shrimps, fish
No beef or pork
New menus with vegetarian selections
Meals according to cultures
McDonald’s also knows it consumer behavior very well by providing different values according to different people characteristics :
Economic situation
Social Factors
The Psychology behind McDonald's
What does McDonald’s know about your brain that you don't?
McDonald's colors
Addictive properties of sugar
The push of convenience
The brain's economy

Age groups, social roles, and social statuses tell McDonald's what kinds of eating habits people possess, as well as eating patterns.
A parent with two children
Young children - McDonald's; a fun place to eat
Teenagers - Affordable + Internet access
Business customers - Value of time
Teenager's No.1 place to eat
Time is money!
New Idea
Suitable prices
Keep current customers; gain new ones
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