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xAct Presentation II


Hank Cycyota

on 29 October 2009

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Transcript of xAct Presentation II

Affinity Aviation Presentation Industry Wide Slowdown Desire to Remain Community Leader Need to change company focus Solution Trends and Observations Continue R&D on an Eco-Friendly Helicopter Problems Insufficient Funds to Meet Current Operating Obligations Insufficient Funds to Meet Future Debt Obligations Unable to Further Restructure Company without Negotiating with Unions Chapter Eleven Bankruptcy SEED Program Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages Possibility of a favorable debt restructuring

Possible labor concessions Possibility that Affinity will not develop sufficient cash flows to repay government issued debt

Loss of absolute control due to government appointed Board members

Salary Cuts
Allows Affinity to settle its current and long-term obligations

Gives Affinity the capital to continue R&D

Maintains employee morale

Debt payments linked to cash flow Wait out the Recession Bridging the Gap Wait for Helicopter Demand to Pick-up

Use Affinity's current business structure to thrive in expansionary period Problems Lose ground to competitors who have cash

Prevents company from acting as a community leader

Negative PR created by entering restructuring will hamper the company's abilities to stay competitive
Market differentiation presented by new "Green" helicopter will:
Allow the company to remain competitive in the aviation industry Act as positive PR Let Affinity remain a strong employer and community leader Affinity is at the will of its creditors and judicial system

Need time to restructure; Halts R&D

Tarnished Business Image

Doesn't increase cash flow Questions? Allow Affinity to continue R&D David Levy, Lichtenberg and Siegel - 35% Return on R&D Prime is currently 3.25% Mark Hurd at Hewlett Packard
Matt Ferguson at careerbuilder.com
Gerald Grinstein at Delta Successful Executive Payroll Cuts Comparison to Eco-Friendly Cars Rockwell Collins
Spirit AeroSystems Holdings
Woodword Governor Company
BE Aerospace
Orbital Sciences Corporation
Teledyne Technologies Inc
Kaman Corporation
Alliant Techsystems
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