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No description

tanawan sathiraboot

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of CNBLUE

Jung Yonghwa
-Main vocal
Lee Jonghyun
Kang Minhyuk
Lee Jungshin
Yonghwa's-Jungshin fact
-Yonghwa lucky number 1.
-Yonghwa ever been dumped, because he can’t say ‘let’s part’ to girl.
- YongHwa: “I would like to be friends with everyone that i’ve met.”
-Love light is Yonghwa’s story of first love.He met the girl at institute and he was attracted by first sight.

-Jungshin is the tallest but he’s the youngest in the band.
-Jungshin called “Untouchable” Because his own picture in his Japanese blog before CNBLUE debut, he’s rarely smiled.

Jonghyun's-Minhyuk fact
-Lee Jonghyun likes girls who look good in simple white shirt and jeans.
-He still can’t avoid the Busan accent especially when he gets excited about something.
-Jonghyun said if he isn’t in CNBLUE, he wants to be an athlete.

-Type of girl minhyuk’s like is comfortable like a friend type of girl. Age doesn’t really matter for him.
-Minhyuk has the best skin out of all the CN BLUE members.
-For Minhyuk, “1 is his lucky number
-Yonghwa said “I always talk a lot around girls, but when MinHyuk is quiet; all the girls are like “he is so cute!”

CN BLUE was formed in Seoul in 2009.
The meaning of CN BLUE is.
CN - Code Name
B - Burning ( Lee Jonghyun)
L - Lovely (Kang Minghyuk)
U - Untouchable ( Lee Jungshin)
E - Emotional ( Jung yonghwa)
First Debut
First debut was on 19 August, 2009 in Japan. Their fan club is called 'Boice'.
CN BLUE is a rock band under FNC Entertainment.
There are many countries that CN BLUE have a concert in. The last concert that CN BLUE perform was called " Blue moon world tour concert". Which was held in many countries such as Singapore, Thailand, HongKong, Australia, America, Korea, Japan and many others country.
The first award was in 2010. -12th Mnet Asian Music Awards - Beat new male artist.

The second award was in 2011- 13th Mnet Asian Music Awards
CNBLUE - Monday Mv
Performance life
CNBLUE - Love life
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