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Andrea Leyton Candia

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of WEBQUEST

Let's create a

Your teacher will make you form into groups of seven students to get your final working group. Each one of the members of the group must choose one of these roles:
- Visual materials creator.
- Researcher.
- Recyclers (paper, plastic,
can, glass).
- Informant.

Here is your data checklist.
Student’s name: ______________________________________________________
Class: ________________

- I have created leaflets about our project.
- I have created posters about our project.
- I have distributed leaflets to the people in my school.
- I have distributed the posters around school,
covering the places that people mostly visit.
- I have used recycled materials to create the leaflets
and posters of our project.

The main goal is to make sure the whole school community knows about the recycling plan. His role also involves motivating the rest of the community in order to have a successful project.
Let's create a greener school

Our world is in danger. We are performing actions that hurt our environment. We need to make a lot of changes to avoid this problem gets worse.

We need to deal with our waste, all the stuff we throw to the dustbin. We need to create a recycling project in our school that helps to improve the environment. We can have a sustainable world if we begin in our educational community.

Recycling is one of the easiest and most traditional ways to start having a positive impact on your environment and community. So, let’s begin the action.

Let’s create a greener school
These are the links you have to check and use, in order to fulfill your role:
Recyclers (paper, plastic, can, glass)




Project: Let’s create a greener school.
Student's name: _______________________________________________________
Class: _____________________________ Date: _______________________________
Total Score: __________ points out of 63 possible points.
Teacher Comments:

This student is in charge of researching for information which is relevant to the project. The information that is necessary to get is related to recycling materials, how to recycle and the three R’s (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle).
Here is your data checklist.

Student’s name: ____________________________________
Class: ________________

- I have researched about materials that
can be recycled.
- I have researched about how to recycle
different materials.
- I have researched about and the three
R’s (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse).
- I have informed the rest of the members
in my project about the information I have found.

This task involves the creation of a recycling project for our school.
These recycling plan needs to include the whole school community.
In this webquest, you will:
- Learn about recycling materials.
- Learn how to recycle.
- Learn about the three R’s (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle).
- Create a recycle scheme for our school.
- Create visual material to motivate people to recycle.
- Present your ideas.

Take into consideration that you are not just going to create a recycling plan. You are going to take actions to have a better world for everybody. In this way, we are going to improve our future lives. It is important to motivate other people to join you. Motivating others is key to succeed.

These are the links you have to check and use, in order to fulfill your role:
Visual materials creator


Visual materials creator:
Recyclers (paper, plastic, can, glass):
These students are in charge of recycling these materials. The school community needs to know how to recycle glass, paper, can and plastic. The school community have to use the correct recycling bins. Each recycling bin needs to have a particular colour.
This student is going to be in charge of creating leaflets and posters to distribute around the school community to get people informed about our project. He needs to create these visual support using recycled materials.
Here is your data checklist.
Students’ names: _______________________________________________________
Class: ________________

- We have informed our school community about
the stuff we can start recycling.
- We have informed our school community where
to toss the stuff we are going to recycle.
- We have distributed special containers to toss
the stuff we are going to start recycling.
- We have assigned different colours for the special
containers we are going to have for our project.

What colours are you assigning for the specials containers you are going to have for your project?
Glass : _____________________
Paper : _____________________
Can : _____________________
Plastic : _____________________

Here is your data checklist.
Student’s name: _____________________________________________________________________
Class: ________________

- I have informed our school community
about our project.
- I have informed our school community
why recycling is important.
- I have informed the school community
when our project begins.
- I have checked that everything we need
to start our project is in order and in the right place.

Total Score: __________ points out of 63 possible points.
Teacher Comments:

Project: Let’s create a greener school.
Student's name: _______________________________________________
Class: ___________________________________ Date: _____________________________________

Final grade
These are the grades you will get according to your final score.

This webquest has been designed to involve our students in a recycling project, that will not only make students aware of the world problems we can solve, but also to involve them in an active plan of recycling that can be a lot of fun.
In general, people are aware of the problems we are facing in our environment, but very few take action to avoid these problems getting worse.
The project is designed for students in 8th Grade, with an intermediate level of English, who will not only be working with the English language, but who will also be working for a better future of our planet. The students will be working with the websites we have previously checked and they are specifically chosen to reach the main goal of the project, so no further information is needed
This is a cross-cultural project, since it involves topics and contents they have worked with in the Science subject.
These are important considerations for our project for you as a teacher in order to have successful results:
Check the websites and links before the students begin working on them. Make sure they are safe and that theywork smoothly and that they contain information that is relevant to the project.
Check the groups and make any necessary changes for all the members in the group to have a role.
Discuss with your students the whole project in order to ensure yourself that the project is understood by the whole class.
Set specific dates with your students to work and check how this project is going on.
Inform the students’ parents and the whole school community about this project.

Web images
Sustainable waste management: reuse, reduce, recycle [Web Drawing]. Retrieved from http://www.kent.edu/about/administration/business/facilitiesplanning/sustainability/images/ReduceReuseRecycle.jpg

Satchwell, C. (Photographer). (2009, april 20). Recycle logo from recycling bin [Web Photo]. Retrieved from http://www.flickr.com/photos/csatch/3566044905/

Song (De Usuahia a la Quiaca)
Santaolalla, G. (Performer) (2004). The motorcycle diaries (soundtrack) [DVD].
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