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Light-Rail in Austin Texas

Will Light Rail be an impetus in Austin's development

shannon miick

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Light-Rail in Austin Texas

Template by Missing Link
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Urban Land Institute
Nonprofit research and education entity
Alternative solutions for real estate redevelopment
Land utilization strategies
Revitalization of neighborhoods and downtown areas
Intent for Phoenix's 20.3 mile Light-Rail project
Connect Phoenix's central business district
Connect Phoenix Airport
Connect Arizona State University
Connect various community colleges
Connect event venues that attract 12 million people per year
Correlations between Phoenix and Austin
Light Rail in Austin,
Impetus for Development

"Research Design constitutes the blueprint for the collection, measurement, and analysis of data" according to Business Research Methods.
Case Studies
Street Ethnography
Expert Interviewing
Document Analysis
Urban Land Institute
ULI questions
Developed by PRC Public Review Committee
What does the project cost?
Can the project create benefits?
What are the indirect costs?
Who should fund the project?
Mechanisms available to fund project
Projects timeline
Legislative action
Who will govern
Costs of moving forward vs. alternates
Transit-Oriented Development
A mixed use commercial and residential area
designed to maximize access to public transportation
Neighborhood concerns
Financial strategy
Communication strategy
Light rail Development
How Portland laid the ground work for light-rail expansion
Research and Presentation by
Bill Cox
Loren Scott
Shannon Miick
Light-rail will be an "over the top" contributor to the economic activity in Austin, and the surrounding area for years to come.
This will create unique areas around the stations that
will re-energize sectors of the city creating employment opportunities and recreational spots.
Red Line
Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)
Public /Private Partnership
Yellow Line
Expansion of light-rail through TOD
Communication Strategy
Link and Leverage public & private funding
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